Psychic Coach

Psychic Coach

The Psychic Coach is always a crowd pleaser but because of the parameters of completing the activity it is difficult to hide the truth from the children,but il try to explain it the best i can.The coach picks 9 volunteers and asks them to have one ball between the 9 of them.The players must then jumble up and only one of them must hide the ball behind their back hiding it from the “Psychic coach”.The coach then turns around and must try to guess which player the ball is hiding behind.The coach should get it wrong once or twice to make it believable and after get it right every time until the children realise what is going on.A second coach will stand in distance so he can see which player the ball is behind and come up with a code for example if the coach touches his nose the psychic coach knows that the ball is behind the front row centre player,if the coach touches his left ear then he knows the ball is behind the player on the left front row.This code can be creative and is between the coaches who are doing it so it doesn’t have to be the same code but it is a lot of fun and the kids will love it !


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