Lady Lady Please Drop Your Baby !


This is a water break game where the coach will take main stage but get the kids involved.The activity is a story based in San Francisco.The coach will start with having another coach stand at the front with him and basically start off with “I have a little story to tell you about the time myself and Coach x visited San Francisco”, then ask the children what San Fran is famous for (Hills in the city) and talk about those hills

Add that one day you and coach x were walking in the city and you thought you could hear somebody in the distance shouting something so you and coach x started to walk up the hill

  • When you talk about going up a hill and down a hill act it out like you are struggling to walk up the hills but then when you are going over the hill and about to head down you go really fast (keep these hills going for a little while and ask the children to join in with the slow and then fast movements

After this stage say to coach x “do you smell smoke”  he says yes and you start to hurry up through the hills.Add that you are hearing sirens and smelling smoke and now you can see the smoke

  • Have the children make emergency services sounds

Start to hear the shouting more clearly as you get closer over the hills “HELLPPPP HEELLPPP”

When you are close have the realisation that you are witnessing a fire in a high building with all the fire engines around

Tell the children that you asked the fireman if you could help with anything and they say well we have a lady stuck on the top floor but she wont come down , then you explain to the fireman that you used to be a goalkeeper so could you help and the fireman says yes try

So you begin by saying that you shouted up LADY LADY PLEASE DROP YOURE BABY !!!

her reply being NO NO I WONT DROP MY BABY

keep this going for quite a while

have the children shout both responses until you shout up that you have massive hands and il catch youre baby i promise , have the children shout up one more time LADY LADY PLEAAASSEEEE DROP YOURRRR BABY !

Coach x should have a ball in his hands mocking it as the baby

when the lady drops the baby , the coach pretends the baby is flying in the wind left to right so he sways left to right trying to catch the baby when it falls

Coach x hovers the ball left and right above the coach have the children swaying left to right !

Until eventually the keeper catches the ball (baby) and he shouts yeeaaa i got the babyyyyy !!!!!!! and the kids will scream

but there is a twist as the coach then pretends to be a goalkeeper and shouts GEETTT OOUUTTTTTT and blasts the ball high and far away acting like a goalkeeper and then drops to his knees shouting what have i doneeeeeee , and the children will laugh

In the mean time your coaches have gathered water and with the final part of the story ask the children ,”the firemen came and what do fireman do to fires (put it out)

then throw water or spray water on the children and it will get alot of laughs !!

Obviously this story can be what you make of it and this is just the way i deliver it there are plenty of other ways to be creative when telling a fun story.


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