Building Character Break

Building Character

Never underestimate just how much a sit down talk about ethics and values in a sporting environment and as human beings overall can help build character and install sportsmanship and a friendly encouraging attitude among the players and their peers.This can be done by coaches sitting down in smaller groups in a relaxed fun attitude to ask questions and use it as an open forum for the children to have their own opinions and ideas, and decipher what building character and ethics and values means to them,Obviously you will do this as an age appropriate talk and is a good way to set an example and give the children an opportunity to set examples of their own and to understand what it means to be a role model for they’re friends and they’re family.Aspects which should be talked about are :- 


  • SportsmanshipBe  a good sportsman to team-mates and opposition, accept decisions and always help your team-mates and encourage them,be appreciative of great plays from opposing teams and be gracious in victory and defeat
  • LeadershipShow leadership amongst fellow players ,encourage and inspire people to be better and to improve 
  • GamesmanshipThis is an important characteristic as we live in a modern world where the participants are watching theyre favourite players week in and week out consistently diving and bringing the game into disrepute so for them to understand that cheating is not acceptable in sport and how we should uphold our dignity in sport at all times.All issues should be discussed in this section such as Racism,spitting,swearing,violence,clear cheating,time-wasting etc.
  • Responsibility – Be responsible for you re actions on and off the field and not just in a sporting context but stretched to all areas of the players lives
  • Honesty/Integrity Have Integrity on the field and in their lives, always give 100 percent , how can they show this ? being on time for training, helping tidy up, be honest in decisions and help them become respectable human beings
  • RespectRespect to you’re coaches,show respect to your opponents and team-mates  and have respect for the sport

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