Water Breaks

Water Breaks

Water Breaks on main camp days can be alot of fun for the children although not something that should be brought into development sessions the reason simply being that in development session the children are looking to improve and progress in ability and knowledge of the game so water breaks should be used as review times and to quiz the players on whatever technique they have been learning and also a time where they can still gain touches on the ball without causing them added exertion.The Children in development session do not expect the fun side of things and neither do the participants families.The camp situation is completely different it is all based around fun football games and the whole idea of them being on camp is to have the most fun time they can possibly have so water breaks can be a huge part of that day and a chance to bring the whole camp together to create fun competition and generally have fun together.There are things you as the coach must remember though while having that fun as it is important to be great leaders,set examples but also to be compassionate about the children and respect boundaries making the water breaks safe,fun and appropriate!.

  • Remember the participants age
  • Make sure you risk asess the whole field in order to make sure you pick the right spot for the break ask yourself questions such as , is there cover for bad weather? are the toilets nearby? is the area safe from insects such as bees nests or ant nests etc.
  • One thing i always notice is when the coaches on camp are pre occupied during break time, make sure all coaching staff members know their responsibilities to protect and observe dangers and also to get involved.
  • Be Careful to be sensible to players feelings (especially when picking people to join in and never expose a child to a situation they aren’t comfortable with
  • Make sure activities are appropriate
  • Safety
  • Keep them together, don’t let different groups have different main break times
  • Watch your language
  • Remember in a camp that the main ethos is FUN so do not become authoritarian
  • When asking for active competitors let them win a few points, the participants already look up to you having ability but their fun comes in success against their idols.
  • Use different tones in your voice and do not be boring, the participants will wane at the same rate as they deem your enthusiasm to be waning !
  • HAVE FUN !

Below are different water break games, if anybody has any more they would like to add then feel free !, i shall keep editing and adding on this post so if anybody has anything they would like to add just post it in the comment section.



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