Inside Hook1

Inside Hook  Session 1


Activity (1) Hooks Unopposed


When doing any skill it is important to remember that children are intelligent and they can figure things out themselves and they must be allowed to be creative themselves and see if they can reach an objective without being spoon fed the information or the coach wasting time on talking too much.

1. Unopposed 15 mins

Allow the players then freedom of the grid to be creative.At the beginning put the players in a line with the ball in front of them and show them the technique and sub routine of the skill.
  • Bend Standing Knee
  • Reach foot around the ball
  • Bend Youre Knees so you can transfer your weight quickly
  • Then turn your hips to change your own direction
  • Positive First touch
Have the players dribble around the grid practicing to themselves.Change which foot they use.As a coach you should approach the players and help them perfect the skill so they are comfortable to move on to the next stage.
2. Static Opposition – 15 mins
Place Cones around the grid.This time the players should dribble to the cone and practice the Inside Hook against a standing static object.Remember to mix up which foot they use.
  • Give a time Limit
  • How many cones can they Inside hook away from
  • Give Points for succesful
  • Lose points for touching cones
3. Opposed – 15 mins
Remove the middle cones. This time the players will continue the progression gradually by this time performing the skill against each other.Players dribble around the grid and every time the coach shouts “Hook” the players will shout and communicate with his/her teammates and dribble directly at each other and doing the hook away from each other.The players are now practising with a moving target and can get used to the timing of the skill.
4. Conditioned Skill Related Game – 15 mins
Choose two defenders.The players have to break free of the defenders using a mixture of left and right hooks.The defenders must try to take the ball away (no slide tackles or dangerous tackles)
  • How Many Hooks can they do?
  • Rotate defenders
  • Make it challenging , can they perform a double hook ?
  • Who is going to be the Hook Champion !
5. Final Match – Skill Match 30 mins (finish at around 27 mins so that cone pick up finishes on time for parents arrival)
  • Normal 1 point for a goal
  • 5 points for an Inside Hook anywhere on the field
  • 10 points for beating an opponent with an inside hook
  • 15 Points for a double hook that beats a number of opponents
6. Cone Pick Up
When the final game finishes.Have the players quickly take their balls back and dribble to every cone on the field and perform an Inside Hook picking up a cone as they go, Once there are no cones left the players will dribble they’re balls to the coach or coaches assistant and place the balls in the bag and the cones in a pile.This will demonstrate a great level of respect and install responsibility to the children.After a few weeks you will find that the players will instantly seek out theyre ball after the game to be the quickest back to the coach with his/her ball and cones.
  • Have the balls placed all together just before the end game starts so it is easy for the players to collect at the end.

Coaching Points

  • Reach Foot around the ball
  • Inside of the foot
  • Positive Touch out of feet (Ronaldo dribble)
  • Low Center of gravity
  • Knee Bent
  • Timing

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