Cruyff Turn 1

Cruyff Turn

  • Session starts with players in the Skill Squares upon arrival

Inside Hook,Outside Hook,Bounce Juggles,Drag backs and combinations of all

1. Unopposed 15 mins

Allow the players free roam of the grid practising the Cruyff Turn at they’re pleasure letting them figure it out for themselves without being spoon fed.The Coach ghost coaches around the grid making sure each player is comfortable with the skill enough to move on to the next stage.Remember to practise with both feet and remind them that the skill is designed to be a feint of a shot or pass and turn away.

Sub Routine Of Skill

  1. Approach the ball ,standing foot next to the ball
  2. Shape your body as if you were going to pass or cross the ball as a feint
  3. But then drag the ball behind your standing leg with the inside of your foot.
  4. Turn your shoulders and your hips so that you are back in line with the ball
  5. Positive touch
  6. Explode

2. Unopposed Competition/Pulse Raiser 15 mins

Cones are placed all over the grid.The players have to perform Cruyff turns at each cone in the grid and accelerate away.Players see how many cones they can turn away from.The players must now perform double Cruyff Turns and alternate which foot is used to perform the skill.How fast can they perform the skill ?.Now try to add different skills to the Cruyff and really challenge the participants to express themselves, some players will learn slower than others so if needed set them individual challenges to achieve for example can they perform a double Cruyff Turn followed by a double drag back or can they achieve a Cruyff Turn into an Inside Hook.Give time limits and challenge them to be better.

3. Opposed 15 mins – Cruyff Ghost Busters 

Split in to smaller groups and mark out the grid with a box in the middle which will be “the haunted mansion”, the players must dribble they’re balls into the house and perform a Cruyff Turn away from a defender “ghost buster”  to score themselves a point and then dribble back to the grid lines and perform another Cruyff Turn on the line.How many points can they score against a defender in a set time ? how many Cruyff turns can they perform in the selected time? Can they perform a double Cruyff turn inside the house to beat two opponents ?

Progression – The defenders can leave the house and challenge for the ball forcing the attackers to perform a higher volume of Cruyff Turns in a faster and more unpredictable situation.

 4. Conditioned Skill Related Game

Small sided 3v3 match, A very simple game which encourages the players to use the Cruyff turn and express themselves in many 1v1 situations.Players must perform a Cruyff turn and then look for an end product such as a pass to a team-mate or dribble into space or to shoot.If a player loses the ball during the completion of the skill or during the end product phase then the ball is turned over and the point given to the defending team.Double points given to a successful Cruyff move completed by the attacking team.

5. Final Match – Skill Match 30 mins (finish at around 27 mins so that cone pick up finishes on time for parents arrival)

  • Normal 1 point for a goal
  • 5 points for an Inside Hook anywhere on the field
  • 5 points for an Outside Hook anywhere on the field
  • 5 points for a Drag-back anywhere on the field
  • 5 points for a Cruyff Turn anywhere on the field
  • 10 points for beating an opponent with a Drag-back
  • 10 points for beating an opponent with an Outside Hook
  • 10 points for beating an opponent with an inside hook
  • 10 points for beating an opponent with a Cruyff Turn
  • 15 Points for a double hook that beats a number of opponents or combination of any skills together

6. Cone Pick Up

When the final game finishes.Have the players quickly take their balls back and dribble to every cone on the field and perform an Inside Hook and an Outside Hook, picking up a cone as they go, Once there are no cones left the players will dribble they’re balls to the coach or coaches assistant and place the balls in the bag and the cones in a pile.This will demonstrate a great level of respect and install responsibility to the children.After a few weeks you will find that the players will instantly seek out they’re ball after the game to be the quickest back to the coach with his/her ball and cones.
  • Have the balls placed all together just before the end game starts so it is easy for the players to collect at the end.


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