Skill Clock 2


The Skill Clock 2 is a more advanced version of the first version.This time place 4 defenders in the middle who can roam and at first be passive and look to make the attacker use skills to beat them and make it into the safe zone in the middle.

      • A progression for this would be to have the defenders be active and be able to take the ball away- player must start from previous hand if tackled
      • Who can make it back to theyre hand the fastest
      • Add a point system for each completed skill
      • Add points for beating the defender
      • Change defender often
      • Progress to let the defender swap with an attacker if he/she steals the ball
The Skill Clock can be changed to benefit the attacker or defender
  • Can the defenders force the attacker away from the inner circle


  • awareness on when to make an attacking move
  • Right skill at the right time
  • Low center of gravity
  • Speedy Exit
  • Head up

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