Skill Clock


Set out a Coned Circle, like the face of the clock and have one player to each different hand of the clock. Set out the middle cirle of cones central.This is an activity which can be done a few times in a season as you’re sessions get more challenging and the players improve and add more skills to their collection.It can really be as difficult as you want it to be and it can be adapted into a defending or a series of 1v1 dribbling activities.

  • From the players hands they dribble their ball to the middle circle and then to the next hand in turn
  • For example if starting point is 1, dribble to the middle and then on to 2 and 3 etc
  • Clockwise around the clock
  • Anti-Clockwise
  • Who can be the first player to finish back at theyre starting hand
  • Add Skills in the middle circle
  • Add skills in the outer circle in turn
  • add turns to improve the speed and efficiency and mix them together to progress and make it challenging


  • Head up
  • As many touches
  • keep ball close
  • laces
  • Low center of gravity

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