Combo Attack Begginners

Combo Attack Beginners


Split the players into 2 teams and have them lineup side by side on each sideline.The game can be adapted to suit younger age groups and groups where fun is the main aim and not development.I have done this with 6+ yr olds in fun sessions and called it “Save My Bacon” as it is a really simple drill.Or you can make it hard and challenging for older development groups by adding skills and objectives.This is a very simple and easy to do activity with lots of benefits to the players and also it is a good way to break a session up with abit of fun!

  • Number each player 1-5 (or however many that you have)
  • Now don’t get confused with this session being a line drill because the session moves so fast there is no standing around that I can assure you.
  • Coach shouts out the players numbers
  • Those players then compete for the ball in the middle with the aim of scoring a goal
  • Use multiple numbers, and sometimes all of the numbers
  • Add multi balls
  • Add more Goals
  • Coach throws the ball in the air to have the players attempt to control the ball out of the air.

Coaching Points

  • Laces
  • Awareness
  • Use the Space
  • When to use Messi and Ronaldo dribbles

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