Circle Chase


Players are split into circle players,dribblers and taggers.Four are picked to form an unorthadox circle, one player is chosen as a tagger and one player is the dribbler.

      • The tagger and dribbler start at opposite sides of the circle
      • The tagger must try and chase the dribbler
      • The tagger can move through the circle but the dribbler cannot
      • This teaches sharper turns at greater speeds and awareness
      • Players in the middle circle complete continuous inside and outside touches
      • Every 30 seconds players change quickly
      • each player as a number .. after the 30 secs coach shouts two numbers to replace the tagger and dribbler

Depending on how many players you have in the session you could have 2 or 3 different circles working at the same time.

Coaching Points

    • Awareness
    • Vision
    • Inside of the foot to the outside of the foot
    • attack the space
    • turn fast

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