U8 Academy

U8 Academy

The U8 Academy provides progressive developmental sessions for children.The programs are intensive and fun and have the main purpose and ethos of improving the player’s ability and technique.This is a long way away from previous U8 sessions which were all about fun games and the very basic of football coaching as the times have changed and as long as sessions are fluent and adaptable the players can achieve their objectives.

Players shouldn’t get confused with working on different things each session for instance passing one week and then the next shooting.This is because it can get confusing but also you cannot teach passing ion one session so if you only do one session on passing then you are doing them an injustice as there are always better and weaker players who will get left behind,it takes a season to be able to teach different passing techniques or whatever you are coaching so to expect to give a child a taster and then leave it for another 6 weeks while you work on something else doesn’t make sense.

When you see that players generally start to look more comfortable in certain positions as they get older than why would we teach them everything ? the main part of the game which is technique whilst on the ball and being comfortable with moving and dribbling with the ball should be taught before anything, why would you train for an hour on passing if the player can’t move with the ball ?.The players must be comfortable and be able to manipulate the ball to accomplish what they want to accomplish on the field and as this technique gets better through the years it is then in which they will start to develop skills where they may start to look to adapting training to help with the positions they are looking to play in which matches their skills and abilities.

This is my opinion and beliefs with my experience of working with these age groups over 12 years so where i believe that technique on the ball and dribbling is important in order to master the other skills other coaches may believe different never the less i believe that if you start a season training this group in a certain activity such as dribbling then you should go the whole season training them in dribbling and commit to progressive sessions and if you start the season coaching Passing you should go that season training in passing, you will have much more improvement and will be beneficial to the children as a whole

It is important to remember that we are not talking an adult full season in this ages group, we are talking a standard 9 week U8 Youth season where they play against themselves.Because of this the youngsters should not be in direct competition with other clubs, this is a developmental project which means they should be split into teams amongst themselves and play to a developmental ethics and values to increase their own ability without the pressure of playing another club.


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