Andy Zaltman’s Hilarious Take On The World Cup And Luis Suarez !

Comedian Andy Zaltman has a funny way of describing the World Cup and peoples opinions and theories of England’s demise … must watch



Hulk Hogan pumps up the USA national team ahead of their game against Germany ! an absolute legend ! a must watch !

Match Fixing in South Africa Vs Guatemala

In South Africa’s 5-0 friendly win over Guatemala shortly before the 2010 World Cup.Three penalties for handball were awarded.All spot-kicks helped to ensure there were at least two goals in each half.A Fifa report found what it called “compelling evidence” that pre-tournament matches involving the host nation had been fixed,

The Penalty decisions are a joke, one of the “handballs” clearly strikes the players chest and the other was about 4 yards outside of the box.

John Oliver On FIFA ! Hilarious !

Amazing and truthful realization about corrupt FIFA.John Oliver is known for his hilarious and common sense outbursts but this one about FIFA will certainly go viral around the globe ! a must watch ! (HILARIOUS AND TRUE !)… loved the Sepp Blatter comments !

Ill just leave this ending statement … over 4000 people will die in Qatar before a ball is kicked in constructing the stadiums and infrastructure