Ronaldinho Puts On A Masterpiece Performance

Ronaldinho stole the show in his recent performance showing the innovative trickery that he became synonymous with as the former best player in the world at Barcelona.

Finishing the game with a hat trick and two assists for Atletico Mineiro he absolutely stole the show only a day after his step fathers death and kept his sides glimmering title chances in tact.The different range of goals oozed class which brought him to tears at the final whistle


Unbelievable Goal from a Japanese Team Coach ! A Strike Sent From The Football Gods !

This is a video from a Japanese League Game between Nagoya Grampus and Yokohama Marinos.Grampus Manager Dragan Stojkovic was incensed at a refereeing decision so when the ball bounced to the sideline he unleashes a shot from the gods in frustration at the decision to score a wonder goal and although he was applauded by the fans,the referee didn’t see it the same way and subsequently gave him a red card.Part of me thinks he deserves a slow clap round of applause for a strike like that !