The Worst Team in the history of British Amateur sport ! if you think your team are worse… you are wrong this team is !

You must watch this ! I do not even know how this can be, to concede the amount of goals they have conceded and lose the amount of games that they do.This is a perfect example of playing the game for the principal reason of maximum participation and to play the game although I cannot imagine anyone enjoying losing 55 -0 and walking off with a smile on your face.Surely the enjoyment becomes incomprehensible to a team this terrible ! but 100 percent for effort because i think most would just call it a day ! Madron FC conceded 227 goals in 11 matches and their stand in manager admitted they are probably the worst in Britain but praised them for turning up.



Unbelievable Cheating from the Chinese Women’s Team

Cheating doesn’t really get much more blatant than this.This is China Vs Korea in the dying minutes of the game and Korea are on the attack and looking for the equalizer,another Korean attack results in a corner which is when all the fun and games begin,Firstly a player dives on to the ground to waste time which was obvious enough but when the corner was about to be delivered another Chinese player does something which she should be ashamed for ! and is complete and utter cheating. There is no justice as the referee gives a yellow card but ends the game without the corner being legitimately taken.This smells like a bribe.

Ridiculous Cheat ! By Bryan Carrasco ! Must be seen to be believed !

This dive brings a new meaning and dimension to cheating.This is taken from an International U20 game between Chile and Ecuador and really has to be seen to be believed! Bryan Carrasco played for Chile and during the game he initiated his own cheat by hitting himself with an opposite players arm and then dives ! this guy needs to take a big look at himself because he ultimately fails as a human being !

Marcin Wasilewski Worst Injury ! Warning ! it is not for the squeamish!

Wasilewski is a polish defender who plays for Anderlecht.In 2009 Anderlecht played Standard Liege in a Jupiler league game.During the game Midfield Star Alex Witsel tackled with his foot over the top of the tackle giving Wasilewski absolutely no chance, he was subsequently red carded and Wasilewski would start a long recovery from an open double leg fracture ! the replay on this is sickening!only for the non squeamish !!