Adidas Presents The Cautionary Tale of Ebenezer Snoop Featuring David Beckham

David Beckham and Snoop Dog have become extremely good friends since David moved to LA , and now they star in a Viral video ad for Adidas together.

It is a Christmas themed cartoon ad featuring Becks as a holiday ghost and Snoop as Ebenezer. Snoop has recently declared his love for football and expressed a desire to invest in Celtic FC after heroic feats against Barcelona.

This is a video which is part of a series as a Christmas special so there will be plenty more “bahhumbizzles ” to come in the near future!





Gheorge Hagi Son Ianis Hagi Scoring a Cracker !

Gheorge Hagi is one of the European greats and renowned for scoring amazing goals at the highest levels of the game.

Like Father like Son,Ianis Hagi plays for the Romanian U15’s squad who is managed by his dads former teammate Florin Răducioiu ,and scored this cracker playing against Turkey U15’s, and it seems he is definitely one to watch for the future and is already being dubbed a future legend in the Romanian press.

Football Tennis

Football Tennis.

Football Tennis


Players are split into small teams.Mini Goals are set up in front of the participants to act as a tennis net although pretty much anything can be used so if you have benches or chairs then you could use them also just as long as there is a divide

Object of the game is exactly as tennis one team would serve allowing a bounce on the opposing side before the ball is passed back

Teams can have a points maximum and the teams that hits that maximum wins

There are a variety of different rules which can be applied to this activity to make it more challenging such as when the ball bounces you must control the ball on your knee and then head before trying to win a point on the opposing side

It can be made as easy or as difficult as the coach wants and is a very nice activity to break up your session and let the younger players have abit of fun mid session to break up the technical practices which will keep them focused

Coaching Points

  • Awareness
  • Control
  • Shoulders between ball
  • Move in lines
  • On your toes
  • Focus

Cruyff Turn 1

Cruyff Turn 1.

Cruyff Turn

  • Session starts with players in the Skill Squares upon arrival

Inside Hook,Outside Hook,Bounce Juggles,Drag backs and combinations of all

1. Unopposed 15 mins

Allow the players free roam of the grid practising the Cruyff Turn at they’re pleasure letting them figure it out for themselves without being spoon fed.The Coach ghost coaches around the grid making sure each player is comfortable with the skill enough to move on to the next stage.Remember to practise with both feet and remind them that the skill is designed to be a feint of a shot or pass and turn away.

Sub Routine Of Skill

  1. Approach the ball ,standing foot next to the ball
  2. Shape your body as if you were going to pass or cross the ball as a feint
  3. But then drag the ball behind your standing leg with the inside of your foot.
  4. Turn your shoulders and your hips so that you are back in line with the ball
  5. Positive touch
  6. Explode

2. Unopposed Competition/Pulse Raiser 15 mins

Cones are placed all over the grid.The players have to perform Cruyff turns at each cone in the grid and accelerate away.Players see how many cones they can turn away from.The players must now perform double Cruyff Turns and alternate which foot is used to perform the skill.How fast can they perform the skill ?.Now try to add different skills to the Cruyff and really challenge the participants to express themselves, some players will learn slower than others so if needed set them individual challenges to achieve for example can they perform a double Cruyff Turn followed by a double drag back or can they achieve a Cruyff Turn into an Inside Hook.Give time limits and challenge them to be better.

3. Opposed 15 mins – Cruyff Ghost Busters 

Split in to smaller groups and mark out the grid with a box in the middle which will be “the haunted mansion”, the players must dribble they’re balls into the house and perform a Cruyff Turn away from a defender “ghost buster”  to score themselves a point and then dribble back to the grid lines and perform another Cruyff Turn on the line.How many points can they score against a defender in a set time ? how many Cruyff turns can they perform in the selected time? Can they perform a double Cruyff turn inside the house to beat two opponents ?

Progression – The defenders can leave the house and challenge for the ball forcing the attackers to perform a higher volume of Cruyff Turns in a faster and more unpredictable situation.

 4. Conditioned Skill Related Game

Small sided 3v3 match, A very simple game which encourages the players to use the Cruyff turn and express themselves in many 1v1 situations.Players must perform a Cruyff turn and then look for an end product such as a pass to a team-mate or dribble into space or to shoot.If a player loses the ball during the completion of the skill or during the end product phase then the ball is turned over and the point given to the defending team.Double points given to a successful Cruyff move completed by the attacking team.

5. Final Match – Skill Match 30 mins (finish at around 27 mins so that cone pick up finishes on time for parents arrival)

  • Normal 1 point for a goal
  • 5 points for an Inside Hook anywhere on the field
  • 5 points for an Outside Hook anywhere on the field
  • 5 points for a Drag-back anywhere on the field
  • 5 points for a Cruyff Turn anywhere on the field
  • 10 points for beating an opponent with a Drag-back
  • 10 points for beating an opponent with an Outside Hook
  • 10 points for beating an opponent with an inside hook
  • 10 points for beating an opponent with a Cruyff Turn
  • 15 Points for a double hook that beats a number of opponents or combination of any skills together

6. Cone Pick Up

When the final game finishes.Have the players quickly take their balls back and dribble to every cone on the field and perform an Inside Hook and an Outside Hook, picking up a cone as they go, Once there are no cones left the players will dribble they’re balls to the coach or coaches assistant and place the balls in the bag and the cones in a pile.This will demonstrate a great level of respect and install responsibility to the children.After a few weeks you will find that the players will instantly seek out they’re ball after the game to be the quickest back to the coach with his/her ball and cones.
  • Have the balls placed all together just before the end game starts so it is easy for the players to collect at the end.

Are UEFA Losing The Plot ?

Are UEFA Barking Mad ?

UEFA, the Governing Body for European football, The leaders in codification for football throughout Europe, The Moderators of that codification to ensure the highest levels of fairness and fair play in Europe, The Organisers and Iconic image as a Powerful Organisation relied upon to promote successful legitimate football business and punish actions and behaviour which brings the game into disrepute.

 To promote positive sporting values, including fair play and anti-racism, as well as safe and secure match environments is not something UEFA takes lightly. Neither, too, is making football work for the broader benefit of society and influencing attitudes and behaviour beyond the confines of the stadium.

(Adam Szreter-

But have their  latest decisions been contradictory to values and policies within the sport.Racism in European Football has always been a major issue especially in countries such as Italy,Spain,Portugal and the Eastern Block Countries and for the most part UEFA have issued fines and sanctions against those clubs who have brought the game into disrepute,but are they doing enough? and have the sanctions been enough to deter racial abuse? and have the fines distributed been enough to make a dent in which clubs will think about how they can help curb the issue within their own clubs and from the stands.

Bulgaria fans taunt the England players during the Euro 2012 qualifier in Sofia

Bulgaria Fans Racially Abuse England Players Ashley Cole and Ashley Young

UEFA believe they are but I don’t believe that is the case.Football is an industry generating billions of dollars and the clubs at the top of their divisions who play in Europe every season will generate a higher profit margin than most.Because of this why do UEFA believe that it is a legitimate sanction to fine a club between 20 and 40 thousand Euro’s for racial abuse ?, To the clubs involved this is like having an extra player for a single week offering a one weeks wage to a player and is in no way a deterrent to racial abuse, those clubs are happily taking the punishment and in most occasions deny the very existence of the racial abuse within they’re stands even when the evidence is placed upon them and unmistakably proven to be true.How many times are clubs going to be allowed to get away with poor excuses such as  ” it was a misinterpretation of the words and they were just supporting our players”

 there would be no compromise in his organisation’s stance against racism in football.”Our policy on racism is one of zero tolerance,” ( Uefa president Michel Platini – )

And now we know the truth Michel Platini rendering you’re above statement unfounded. UEFA’S priorities have clearly been shown in recent events as unbelievably the organisation have fined Manchester City more for entering the field ONE minute late for the game against Sporting in the Europa League than the racial abuse Manchester City’s black players received from Porto fans in the tournament.Porto were fined 20,000 Euro’s and Manchester City were fined 30,000 Euros for being late. This is another example of farcical behaviour from an Organisation which is responsible for upholding the Law and Codification of the Sport.What kind of dangerous example are UEFA setting to Clubs in these countries where racism in sport is rife and to players who are expected to promote their organisation in these countries by playing in their high-profile tournaments.Are UEFA really expecting people to accept that they believe poor time keeping by up to 60 seconds is a far more punishable action by exactly 10,000 Euro’s than racism in football especially as it was so clear.Where does that leave the victims ? would Mario Balotelli and Yaya Toure be justified in refusing to play in European competition in certain countries due to the lack of strength and Moderating from the organisation which is supposed to protect them.UEFA’S  priorities are completely in the dark ages which is proven by this decision.

Following that game City made an official complaint, after Balotelli informed club officials that he had heard the monkey noises and taunts throughout the first half and then when he was substituted late on. Porto defended themselves, claiming that what was heard was actually chants from both Porto and City fans in support of their players, Hulk and Sergio [Agüero].Uefa upheld the decision although the fine amount is the same as €20,000 demanded five years ago from the Serbian football federation after supporters racially abused England’s black players during their European Under-21 championship match in the Netherlands.

Porto like other clubs tried to pass off the monkey chants and racial abuse as their own fans supporting their own players and Sergio Aguero in which they believe it didn’t happen, this excuse is surely getting boring and in response when pushed accused Manchester City fans of racial abuse because of chants aimed at their star forward Hulk which were “you’re not incredible, you’re not incredible” , which of course was a poor attempt to compare monkey chants against.As we look at this issue we have seen two incidents in Britain and we believe that we are fighting against racial abuse in our own country but it doesn’t even scratch the surface compared to the rest of Europe where racism isn’t even accepted as an issue which is why it is so rife within these countries.

Considering the impact in which Michel Platini and UEFA’S decisions have in the football world it has actually hardly surprised me that they come up with the ludicrous statements,fines and sanctions that they do.The organisation is dominated by other European nationals so why should we be so surprised that fines are so low when they have been brought up in cultures where racial abuse is discarded and not deemed a negative impact embedded in the routes of society, but yet it seems being 60 seconds late for a game is?.In my opinion Michel Platini has never been the right man for the job and organisations should never be led by former players as they have agendas and will do everything in theyre power to see that agenda fulfilled which almost never includes fair play for all and transparency a prime example of this is the fines given to Celtic for using flares in the stands against Udinese.



A UEFA spokesperson said: ‘Celtic have been fined 25,000 euros by UEFA’s control and disciplinary body for breaching Article 11 of the UEFA disciplinary regulations.

Read more:

The hypocrisy is lamentable seem as though flares are used in stands in Italy and Spain in nearly every fixture they play if they fined them UEFA could have enough to end world hunger, but they wont because that would be against a European agenda of a former player who finds himself sat at the head of the table at one of the worlds biggest Organisations.It is suspected that a banner saying “F*** UEFA ” was the real catalyst for the fine, because of course you can’t have banners insulting UEFA they would rather you shout racial abuse while holding a flare in one hand and throwing missiles on the pitch with the other.There has been no answer from UEFA as of yet for the fines but expect one over the next few days as this farcical and morally and ethically dangerous decision grows pace within the politics of football.

Banner bother: Celtic fans had a message for UEFA at the Udinese game

UEFA’s treatment of Porto suggests that Europe’s governing body simply doesn’t care. 


Messi Vs Ronaldo

Messi Vs Ronaldo


Before you set the cones out as gates have them practice the motion of the different styles of dribbling and getting used to having the ball at theyre feet. Allow them to free roam around the grid waiting for your commands.Shout Ronaldo or Messi. This practice is designed to help the players reach a certain level of comfortability when moving with the ball.

  1. Ronaldo- When coach shouts Ronaldo the players will look to explode with pace and open themselves up taking a larger stride with the ball in control with LARGER touches
  2. Messi- When coach shouts Messi the players will look to have the ball as close to them as possible with a low center of gravity and ready to explode into space with SMALLER touches


Have cones set out into gates around the grid.This time the players must attack a gate and get used to the timing of bursting through the gate and instantly looking to attack another.Players Messi dribble to the gate and then burst through with a Ronaldo dribble.Take one cone away from each gate leaving single cones dotted around the grid.This time the players must attack the single cone and instead of going through a gate they must decide for themselves whether to explode to the left or right using the same Messi dribble on approach and then Ronaldo dribble away.Notice how all progressions are getting more game related and set them challenges

  • How many cones can they explode away from in 2 minutes
  • Can they beat theyre score?

Now remove the cones completely.The players must now attack each other at first always exploding away from each other to the right and then switching up and exploding to the left so nobody bumps into each other.This is essential so the players can get used to the timing of the explosion away from a defender and a moving target as it would be in a game .Ask the players to shout each others names beforehand so the communication helps with any confusion as to who is attacking who

Coaching Points

  • Use Laces
  • Head up
  • Balanced
  • Focus and Concentration
  • Explode with pace
  • Ball as close to your feet as your head is to your neck, explain that treat you’re feet like they are your neck and the ball you’re head.

via Messi Vs Ronaldo.