Touching Story- A Teenage Goalkeeper Rising Above Bullies

Goalkeeper Dan Cui has a story that rises above bullies.A Goalkeeper playing above his age group was made a scapegoat for a schools horrendous form and what happened next with a little help from his friends and Facebook he got his confidence back and became a star and had his moment of glory by helping the school finally secure victory with a sensational last minute save.

Cui, in actuality, isn’t a bad goalie, but he was playing above his age and his confidence had taken a bit of a beating from class mates calling him names such as the “Worst Goalie Ever.” Some of Cui’s teammates, however, came to his defence, using Facebook to fight the cyberbullying. They found a good picture of Cui making a save and posted it as their Facebook profile picture. More and more people from Cui’s school joined in and soon more than 100 students had liked, commented, or changed their pics to Cui’s save.


BE PHENOMENAL – Fantastic Motivational Video


Everything in this video is the truth and I would advise everyone and anyone to give it a watch ! An incredible and moving  motivational video… A must watch !

Inspiring Story of Panyee FC In Thailand And The Power Of Football

I had heard of Panyee FC before and was aware that they overcame great adversity and poverty to achieve their goals but after I watched this awe-inspiring video I was truly moved and I think anyone and all children should be shown this video to highlight what true determination is and to inspire and motivate them.

The children showed incredible will to overcome the barriers of participation to sport and are a credit to Youth Sport, a perfect example that football has the power to change lives, communities and as a tool to bring hope is immeasurable.

Panyee FC are now famous around the world and are one of the best clubs in Thailand winning various trophies and honours, with top quality training facilities all floating on their river village community.