Wonder-goal Laser Beams Into The Goal ! Rare !

Rafael Porcellis plays in the Portuguese Second Division and while most of Europe’s top leagues are taking a break for the International fixtures, Rafael Porcellis certainly is not and is taking this opportunity to the fullest with this laser beam of a scissor kick smashing into the back of the net ! This kind of footage is rare and if a goal of this magnitude was scored in the Premier League, then people would be  talking about it for years and when Ronaldo or Messi does it they are elevated to astronomical levels ….. move over boys … take a bow Porcellis !





Skill/Dribble/Technique Season


It is very important that when a season is started that it is followed through to the end of the season with the same topic.The reason for this is because you cannot possibly learn all about certain techniques in one session and then move on to another session with another topic in the next session for example, you cannot possibly teach passing in one session and then go onto something else the next considering how many different styles of passing and the complexities of the harder styles of passing

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Messi Vs Ronaldo

Messi Vs Ronaldo


Before you set the cones out as gates have them practice the motion of the different styles of dribbling and getting used to having the ball at theyre feet. Allow them to free roam around the grid waiting for your commands.Shout Ronaldo or Messi. This practice is designed to help the players reach a certain level of comfortability when moving with the ball.

  1. Ronaldo- When coach shouts Ronaldo the players will look to explode with pace and open themselves up taking a larger stride with the ball in control with LARGER touches
  2. Messi- When coach shouts Messi the players will look to have the ball as close to them as possible with a low center of gravity and ready to explode into space with SMALLER touches


Have cones set out into gates around the grid.This time the players must attack a gate and get used to the timing of bursting through the gate and instantly looking to attack another.Players Messi dribble to the gate and then burst through with a Ronaldo dribble.Take one cone away from each gate leaving single cones dotted around the grid.This time the players must attack the single cone and instead of going through a gate they must decide for themselves whether to explode to the left or right using the same Messi dribble on approach and then Ronaldo dribble away.Notice how all progressions are getting more game related and set them challenges

  • How many cones can they explode away from in 2 minutes
  • Can they beat theyre score?

Now remove the cones completely.The players must now attack each other at first always exploding away from each other to the right and then switching up and exploding to the left so nobody bumps into each other.This is essential so the players can get used to the timing of the explosion away from a defender and a moving target as it would be in a game .Ask the players to shout each others names beforehand so the communication helps with any confusion as to who is attacking who

Coaching Points

  • Use Laces
  • Head up
  • Balanced
  • Focus and Concentration
  • Explode with pace
  • Ball as close to your feet as your head is to your neck, explain that treat you’re feet like they are your neck and the ball you’re head.

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