ASSAULT ON THE FIELD ! Brutal hit nearly kills Arango

Juan Arango was Mallorcas best player who was often fouled in a game to stop him dictating play for his team.On this fateful day the opposition seemed to have found a way to nullify him ….. by attempted murder ! Arango was running at the Sevilla defence time and time again so Javi Navarro decided to give him the elbow of doom destroying Arango in the process.Arango suffered a break his cheekbone, swallowed his tongue, fit, convulsion and temporary amnesia. only the quick thinking of concerned players from both sides prevented Arango from dying on the pitch.Javi Navarro was banned for 5 matches.



Ewald Lienen Injury ! Shocking !

Ewald Lienen is a former midfielder and manager from Germany and has a career that spans 30 years for clubs such as Borussia Moenchengladbach and FC Cologne.In 1981 Lienen was playing against Werder Bremen when this horrific injury occurred tearing a hole in his leg that stretched 30 cm exposing his muscle and tissues.Absolutely horrendous.Watch the initial affects of an adrenaline rush directly after serious injury.


Inigo Diaz Terrible Injury ! Double Fracture

Inigo Diaz played for Real Sociedad and in 2008 he suffered a horrendous injury when he collided with SD Eibar goalkeeper Zigor.It took a full year for him to be in a position to play his first game again after many successful surgeries.Inigo was very lucky to be able to play again as many who have had this injury never get that lucky after adouble fracture of the tibia and the fibula.


Another Horror Injury

I didn’t expect this to be as bad as it actually was ! and the player showed a lot of bravery for even attempting a clearing tackle like this when another player was also evenly committed to the challenge.But it is a horror tackle and another example of using the wrong technique and being overly committed to what had disaster written all over it ! I wouldn’t watch if you are squeamish! why don’t we tackle with our studs up ? to avoid moments like this …

Very Graphic Injury

This is a poor guy that ended up with a horrific injury and shows that it isn’t always dangerous play that creates the worst injuries.I have had a lot of long term injuries but none of them left me looking like i have feet and leg parts in the wrong places ! This is right up there with David Busst and Dijbril Cisse’s injuries,is it unlucky or a poor tackling technique ?