Indiana Jones Treasure Hunter !



Cones are lined up on one side of the grid.The players are split into two teams in which one team has a ball each and lines on the opposite sideline to the cones

  1. The treasure hunters must dribble there footballs and shoot the ball to hit the treasure
  2. The other team which stands inside the grid (The natives) must defend the treasure by trying to take possession of the treasure hunters (Indiana Jones) footballs
  3. If treasure hunter is succesful at beating the natives and hitting the treasure then they get to keep the treasure
  4. If they lose their ball or miss the treasure with the pass/shot they must return to the start
  5. Who can recover the most treasure ? !

Coaching Points

  1. Awareness
  2. Head up
  3. Keep ball close
  4. Accelerate
  5. Perfect ten passing technique

Indiana Jones Treasure Hunter !.