This session is simply for fun as it is not as it is not as highly intense as other sessions.I mainly use this on camps or when there is time in the day to break up the intense practise and let the kids have a bit of fun.

Football Golf follows the same scoring pattern as in real Golf so if the first hole (red) has a par of 3 shots, you will have 3 shots to finish the hole to get a better score so if you hit the pin (cone) in two shots then you will have a birdie for that round and then just add up the amount of shots its taken to finish all of the holes with the person with the least shots winning the game.

This can be made really fun by adding obstacles along the way such as squares that you can’t pass through or place a few sheets down and call it the water etc, there are many ways a coach can be creative with this fun session.

Although this activity is all about breaking up the day and letting the children have some fun you can also install some passing techniques as the holes will require all types of passing techniques from drives,lobs,chips to goal kick passes.Because of this the coach should always look to improve technique and progress the players development.

Coaching Points

  • Perfect 10
  • Eyes on the destination
  • Balance
  • Strike through the ball
  • Measure the weight of the pass