Incredible Accuracy on this Acute Shot

Beautiful goal from Fernando Guerrero from near the corner flag!


Arguably One Of The Greatest Goals You Will Ever Witness Ever !

Check out this absolute gem all the way from the Paraguayan Lower Leagues. Javier Portillo ran just under 80 yards and evaded 8 tackles to slot home and create a portion of footballing genius and tenacity ! all this despite tumbling over half way through.





Fabrizio Miccoli Scores 40 yard Volley !

Palermo have not endured the best starts to the season but they came flying back in the league game against Chievo .Miccoli never really fulfilled the potential that he had but the 33 year old Palermo captain turned back the hands of time with a hat-trick against Chievo sealing their first league win of the season.

Fabrizio Miccoli received the ball in the air from 40 yards out smashing a guided looping volley over the keeper and into the goal .Although it was an incredible strike technique wise, there would be a case to say that the keeper should have done a lot better and found himself poorly positioned though that shouldn’t be taken away from the strike as if you don’t try them,you don’t score them

And the very fact that he celebrates using WWE Superstar John Cena’s famous ” you cant see me” signature hand movement is entertaining enough.

Beast of a goal from the goalkeeper !! take a bow Dominique Niederhauser

This amazing strike comes from the amateur Swiss league.During his teams 6-1 demolition job away to Genolier-Begnins the Goalkeeper finds himself in position after rushing out of his goal to unleash a strike of doom on the half volley ! although his celebration was rather lame considering the stature of the goal !