Brora Rangers’ Steven MacKay misses with an astonishingly bad penalty

Despite the miss, Brora went on to win 2-0 to keep themselves within touching distance of league leaders Cove Rangers.


Football Rise As One,The David Vs Goliath China Story


This is a great story of just how far the football tidal wave hits in such remote areas around the world and in this story that tidal wave hits China. Football in China is the fastest growing sport and is getting more acclaimed with every year after decades of poor performance and lack of funding resulting in a decline and a sub standard culture of football in the country.This story shows how a team from Beijing travelled to play a team from a remote village in an extremely poor region in which the poverty is so bad that villagers explain that they used to sacrifice animals and blow up their bladders in order to play.The story shows how football is not just a game it is a tool and a force for good to improve relations and create communication links to some of the worlds most remote regions.

The game ended 13-7 to Beijing but the score wasn’t important, the important element is the legacy and footprints left behind to support and promote football for all and take away barriers to participation.Since the game there has been a major development for the people of Yuhu village as Budweiser have funded a full sized astro turfed pitch to be put in the village and you shall see in the video why that is such an important step for these rural communities.



Dario Khan scores 40 Yard Freekick for Mozambique !

Unbelievable strike for Mozambique against Nigeria.Goals from this range I think you always have to question the goalkeeper especially as the keeper is nowhere near it and not paying any attention to what is going on but there’s no question that the strike was phenomenal and audacious! Power and with enough swerve to evade the keeper.

Gheorge Hagi Son Ianis Hagi Scoring a Cracker !

Gheorge Hagi is one of the European greats and renowned for scoring amazing goals at the highest levels of the game.

Like Father like Son,Ianis Hagi plays for the Romanian U15’s squad who is managed by his dads former teammate Florin Răducioiu ,and scored this cracker playing against Turkey U15’s, and it seems he is definitely one to watch for the future and is already being dubbed a future legend in the Romanian press.

Arguably One Of The Greatest Goals You Will Ever Witness Ever !

Check out this absolute gem all the way from the Paraguayan Lower Leagues. Javier Portillo ran just under 80 yards and evaded 8 tackles to slot home and create a portion of footballing genius and tenacity ! all this despite tumbling over half way through.