Brora Rangers’ Steven MacKay misses with an astonishingly bad penalty

Despite the miss, Brora went on to win 2-0 to keep themselves within touching distance of league leaders Cove Rangers.


Darren Bent In Medal Of Honor Advert Mind Test

Aston Villa Forward Darren Bent stars in an advert for new Electronic Arts masterpiece Medal Of Honor. Check out this must see target awareness mind test of an advert ! it is brilliant ! Can you get the correct score?


Hillarious Marcello Matrone Goal Celebration !

Marcello Matrone of Finnish third division side HIK has fast become an internet viral sensation.The Brazilian forward enjoys creating hilarious celebrations and posting them on the internet , he even asks for suggestions and sends out ways and means to contact him to help him create his comedy acts.

Matrone has dedicated celebrations to Amy Winehouse,Guns N’ Roses and Shakira and this one is dedicated to the “I’m sexy and I know it” song …. enjoy !

(There are apparently many more hilarious ones which I am trying to find)




Tijuana Extended Goal Celebration !

This is a classy goal celebration out of Mexico this past weekend.The goal came from Tijuana’s Dubier Riascos who scored a brilliant solo goal against Toluca in the Mexican top division. Dubier Riascos and two team-mates first had a little dance , then a team-mate mimicked assassinating the goalscorer who then performed a classic worm dance in front of the referee.

The Referee didn’t see the funny side of the extended celebration and initially showed him the red card before finally having a heart and changing his mind to brandish a yellow card.

The Worst Team in the history of British Amateur sport ! if you think your team are worse… you are wrong this team is !

You must watch this ! I do not even know how this can be, to concede the amount of goals they have conceded and lose the amount of games that they do.This is a perfect example of playing the game for the principal reason of maximum participation and to play the game although I cannot imagine anyone enjoying losing 55 -0 and walking off with a smile on your face.Surely the enjoyment becomes incomprehensible to a team this terrible ! but 100 percent for effort because i think most would just call it a day ! Madron FC conceded 227 goals in 11 matches and their stand in manager admitted they are probably the worst in Britain but praised them for turning up.


Humiliating Own Goal, I am not even sure how this is possible !

I came across this video whilst roaming which made me laugh.The clip is of an unfortunate incident in 2009 which was surely humiliating for the goalkeeper ! The Farsley Celtic Goalkeeper collects the ball from a weak shot from an AFC Telford forward , he then does something unexplainable so you can only see it to believe it !

The Ghost Goal !

This must be a really frustrating video to watch for any Watford fans as i am sure you have seen this over and over before trying to figure out the ghost goal.This is Watford Vs Reading in a championship league match,the ball gets crossed in from the right and after a number of stabs at the goal the ball is cleared, can you see the ghost goal ? can you see the ball crossing the line ? … well apparently the linesman did …

Terrible Refereeing Mistake

Although the decision from the referee didn’t make any huge impact on the score line of this game it is still right up there with the worst of decisions even though the incident happened really fast.Scottish referee Les Mottram missed a goal scored by Dundee United player Paddy Connolly and waves play on and also disregards the fact that Partick Thistle defender after the initial disallowed goal catches the ball and hands it to his goalkeeper! If it wasn’t a goal then it certainly was a penalty so why on earth he is playing on or what planet the referee is on only himself will know.The incident didn’t do the referees reputation any favours as he was at that time Scotland’s official FIFA referee !

Unbelievable Cheating from the Chinese Women’s Team

Cheating doesn’t really get much more blatant than this.This is China Vs Korea in the dying minutes of the game and Korea are on the attack and looking for the equalizer,another Korean attack results in a corner which is when all the fun and games begin,Firstly a player dives on to the ground to waste time which was obvious enough but when the corner was about to be delivered another Chinese player does something which she should be ashamed for ! and is complete and utter cheating. There is no justice as the referee gives a yellow card but ends the game without the corner being legitimately taken.This smells like a bribe.

Players Attacked by Nature !

This would be my biggest nightmare during a game ! Absolutely cannot stand the devil flies ! but it reminded me of a time I was coaching in the states and the field was infested with them , I have never been stung so much and it was a logistical nightmare to deal with 200 kids being attacked ! lesson be learned risk asses under the field as well !