Horror Tackle !! Ukraine Vs Moldova

Horror Tackle !! Ukraine Vs Moldova.


Pepe The Biggest Thug In Football

Pepe has to be the biggest thug in football right now.Rarely does a game go by for Real Madrid where Pepe hasn’t done something in the game to question his mentality and his ability to control his anger.The Real Madrid defender kicks out at Casquero who plays for Getafe, pulls his hair while planting his knee into him then stamps on him and punches two other players and while walking from the field calls the linesman a “son of a whore”.I haven’t seen this before but after reading about it had to take a look !.After the game Pepe was said to be disillusioned with football and was considering his future in 2009 because of his temperament although we are still here in 2012 and still get to see him beating people up on a weekly basis so he couldn’t have thought too hard! He received a ten match ban