John Oliver on Singapore Gambling Advert Error …Hilarious




It would be amazing if FIFA looked like this … Real Life  FIFA of the future  if the zombie apocalypse doesn’t wipe us out first ?

Dario Khan scores 40 Yard Freekick for Mozambique !

Unbelievable strike for Mozambique against Nigeria.Goals from this range I think you always have to question the goalkeeper especially as the keeper is nowhere near it and not paying any attention to what is going on but there’s no question that the strike was phenomenal and audacious! Power and with enough swerve to evade the keeper.

(Rare Video) Erik Lamela at 12 yrs old

Great video of a young Lamela giving an interview to Trans World Sport.Interesting to see the offers he had at that age and also just what is Erik’s dad wearing on 3:32 !

John Oliver On FIFA ! Hilarious !

Amazing and truthful realization about corrupt FIFA.John Oliver is known for his hilarious and common sense outbursts but this one about FIFA will certainly go viral around the globe ! a must watch ! (HILARIOUS AND TRUE !)… loved the Sepp Blatter comments !

Ill just leave this ending statement … over 4000 people will die in Qatar before a ball is kicked in constructing the stadiums and infrastructure