Ridiculous Cheat ! By Bryan Carrasco ! Must be seen to be believed !

This dive brings a new meaning and dimension to cheating.This is taken from an International U20 game between Chile and Ecuador and really has to be seen to be believed! Bryan Carrasco played for Chile and during the game he initiated his own cheat by hitting himself with an opposite players arm and then dives ! this guy needs to take a big look at himself because he ultimately fails as a human being !


One Of The Biggest Cheats To Ever Grace The Game ! Should He Have Been Banned ?

We have seen cheats in all forms and the majority will make it a little harder to tell than this fellow.This is Oleksandr Aliyev who played for Dynamo Kiev,In a match against Arsenal in the Champions League Ailyev tried to pull off the biggest fake injuries possibly ever witnessed and was busted by the cameras and the commentators.The one saving grace and example of Karma coming back to bite you is that he was eventually sent off in the game after two bookable offences, and perhaps the shame and embarrassment of his actions replaying in his mind after would have been punishment enough although I think a lot of people would have liked to see him banned and made an example of for an extended period.

Oleksandr Aliyev