John Oliver on Singapore Gambling Advert Error …Hilarious


BE PHENOMENAL – Fantastic Motivational Video


Everything in this video is the truth and I would advise everyone and anyone to give it a watch ! An incredible and moving  motivational video… A must watch !

Circle Chase 2


The rules are similar to Circle Chase 2 .This time players in the circle move with the circle blocking off the tagger forcing the tagger to think fast about which direction to turn and which foot technique or touches can get him/her there faster as there will be small pockets of time to beat the circle and have an opportunity to tag the other dribbler

    1. Player in the circle now pass the ball to each other whilst moving in different directions as a unit to block tagger
    2. upon receiving the ball use inside and outside touches
    3. when coach shouts numbers to swap out of circle players those players must swap balls by passing with the players they are replacing and explode with pace into the grid

Coaching Points

  • Awareness
  • Vision
  • Inside of the foot to the outside of the foot
  • attack the space
  • turn fast

Circle Chase


Players are split into circle players,dribblers and taggers.Four are picked to form an unorthadox circle, one player is chosen as a tagger and one player is the dribbler

      • The tagger and dribbler start at opposite sides of the circle
      • The tagger must try and chase the dribbler
      • The tagger can move through the circle but the dribbler cannot
      • This teaches sharper turns at greater speeds and awareness
      • Players in the middle circle complete continuous inside and outside touches
      • Every 30 seconds players change quickly
      • each player as a number .. after the 30 secs coach shouts two numbers to replace the tagger and dribbler

Depending on how many players you have in the session you could have 2 or 3 different circles working at the same time

Coaching Points

    • Awareness
    • Vision
    • Inside of the foot to the outside of the foot
    • attack the space
    • turn fast

The Ghost Goal !

This must be a really frustrating video to watch for any Watford fans as i am sure you have seen this over and over before trying to figure out the ghost goal.This is Watford Vs Reading in a championship league match,the ball gets crossed in from the right and after a number of stabs at the goal the ball is cleared, can you see the ghost goal ? can you see the ball crossing the line ? … well apparently the linesman did …

Beat The Clock


Beat The Clock


This is a normal game using the usual 2 goals but one major difference is that there are no goalkeepers

  1. Corners and throw ins are allowed although throw ins are used as pass ins
  2. Players are encouraged to express themselves and attack
  3. Teams attack opponents goal, when a goal is scored that team immediately attacks the opposite goal they were previously defending
  4. Have a time limit for them to score as many goals as they can
  5. Add different pass combos
  6. Add different runs for example Overlaps and Underlaps
  7. Add skill points
  8. Remember to always challenge them

Coaching Points

  1. Spread out and find the open space
  2. Remember players arent ghosts
  3. Keep the ball if a pass can’t be found, can they attack and express themselves by dribbling
  4. Head up
  5. Awareness
  6. Acceleration

Beat The Clock.

Building Character Break


Building Character

Never underestimate just how much a sit down talk about ethics and values in a sporting environment and as human beings overall can help build character and install sportsmanship and a friendly encouraging attitude among the players and their peers.This can be done by coaches sitting down in smaller groups in a relaxed fun attitude to ask questions and use it as an open forum for the children to have their own opinions and ideas, and decipher what building character and ethics and values means to them,Obviously you will do this as an age appropriate talk and is a good way to set an example and give the children an opportunity to set examples of their own and to understand what it means to be a role model for they’re friends and they’re family.Aspects which should be talked about are :- 


  • Sportsmanship – Be  a good sportsman to team-mates and opposition, accept decisions and always help your team-mates and encourage them,be appreciative of great plays from opposing teams and be gracious in victory and defeat
  • Leadership – Show leadership amongst fellow players ,encourage and inspire people to be better and to improve 
  • Gamesmanship – This is an important characteristic as we live in a modern world where the participants are watching theyre favourite players week in and week out consistently diving and bringing the game into disrepute so for them to understand that cheating is not acceptable in sport and how we should uphold our dignity in sport at all times.All issues should be discussed in this section such as Racism,spitting,swearing,violence,clear cheating,time-wasting etc.
  • Responsibility – Be responsible for you re actions on and off the field and not just in a sporting context but stretched to all areas of the players lives
  • Honesty/Integrity – Have Integrity on the field and in their lives, always give 100 percent , how can they show this ? being on time for training, helping tidy up, be honest in decisions and help them become respectable human beings
  • Respect – Respect to you’re coaches,show respect to your opponents and team-mates  and have respect for the sport






Building Character Break.

Fast Food Game


This is a very very simple game and can be best used as a pulse raiser

  1. Players Dribble their balls in the grid keeping there knife and fork close (ball)
  2. Coach shouts a Food type and the players must dribble to that restaurant
  3. Last one to the restaurant doesnt get any food
  4. Toe taps when in restaurant (eating)


  • Add food prices to each restaurant and start the players with a set amount of money
  • If players lose control of their knife and fork they lose money
  • they can only dribble to restaurants they can afford
  • Richer players dribble to all

Coaching Points

  • Awareness of other players
  • Head up
  • Focus
  • Only toes on the ball when using toe taps









Fast Food Game.



This session is simply for fun as it is not as it is not as highly intense as other sessions.I mainly use this on camps or when there is time in the day to break up the intense practise and let the kids have a bit of fun.

Football Golf follows the same scoring pattern as in real Golf so if the first hole (red) has a par of 3 shots, you will have 3 shots to finish the hole to get a better score so if you hit the pin (cone) in two shots then you will have a birdie for that round and then just add up the amount of shots its taken to finish all of the holes with the person with the least shots winning the game.

This can be made really fun by adding obstacles along the way such as squares that you can’t pass through or place a few sheets down and call it the water etc, there are many ways a coach can be creative with this fun session.

Although this activity is all about breaking up the day and letting the children have some fun you can also install some passing techniques as the holes will require all types of passing techniques from drives,lobs,chips to goal kick passes.Because of this the coach should always look to improve technique and progress the players development.

Coaching Points

  • Perfect 10
  • Eyes on the destination
  • Balance
  • Strike through the ball
  • Measure the weight of the pass