Rise as One- Training Blind Football The Incredible Story


This incredible story from Rio shows the amazing and endless strength of those with handicaps who are brought together and are able to use football to enhance their lives as most never thought they would ever be able to play sport again but with the brilliance and fantastic people involved in blind training more and more people are playing and having the confidence to get involved with blind football.Blind football is a very difficult concept to learn and a lot of people never return after trying the first time if they don’t feel comfortable or if they don’t see a level of success that is acceptable to the participant but for those who stay those who have the courage to try again and again it can bring so much joy and keeps people involved in sporting activity and another example of the worlds greatest sport and how it changes lives all over the world.


Reserve Goalkeeper in Brazil saves chip

HA ! this reserve goalkeeper just couldn’t handle his team conceding a goal so after seeing a goal about to be scored he runs on to make a save and stop the goal !

John Oliver On FIFA ! Hilarious !

Amazing and truthful realization about corrupt FIFA.John Oliver is known for his hilarious and common sense outbursts but this one about FIFA will certainly go viral around the globe ! a must watch ! (HILARIOUS AND TRUE !)… loved the Sepp Blatter comments !

Ill just leave this ending statement … over 4000 people will die in Qatar before a ball is kicked in constructing the stadiums and infrastructure

Felipe Melo Pulls Off Great Save To Be A Hero

Felipe Melo was the unlikely hero for Galatasaray as he took over in-goal for Fernando Muslera , who was sent off in the 89th minute. Melo then miraculously pulled off a fantastic save even if he was way off his line at the time (what ever happened to that rule?) but anyway a fantastic effort for a midfielder.



This has To Be One Of The greatest Own Goals Of All Time !

Brazilian team Criciúma are having an awesome spell in the B division although it all kind of went to pot against America Mineiro.Criciúma were two goals down when America Mineiro had a break away which initially saw the effort smothered and dealt with ….. until this happened ! ,The America Mineiro players could hardly contain their amusement in celebration of the goal ….. take a look at this howler !