John Oliver On FIFA ! Hilarious !

Amazing and truthful realization about corrupt FIFA.John Oliver is known for his hilarious and common sense outbursts but this one about FIFA will certainly go viral around the globe ! a must watch ! (HILARIOUS AND TRUE !)… loved the Sepp Blatter comments !

Ill just leave this ending statement … over 4000 people will die in Qatar before a ball is kicked in constructing the stadiums and infrastructure


2012 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

600 people reached the top of Mt. Everest in 2012. This blog got about 7,500 views in 2012. If every person who reached the top of Mt. Everest viewed this blog, it would have taken 13 years to get that many views.

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I saw this earlier and thought ‘wow’ that looked interesting so i thought id share it with all of you coaches and aspiring coaches whatever level you are at or are aspiring to be whether you are a beginner and are interested in taking the first level of qualification in your sport or if you are a seasoned coach looking to fine tune your skills ! This is a great chance to help finance your course in a time where there is no support and no financial help !

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Brain Training, Is it the answer to England’s playing and coaching problems, A very interesting Article!, what is your view ?


(this is the link to the interesting brain training link if you would like to see)


This is an interesting view on the way we think about what kind of development we prioritize to our players from when they are academy players all the way until they reach the peak of their professional careers.Over the last 10 years UEFA A Licence coach Michel Bruyninckx has been training young players with a concept of “Brain Centered Learning” and to remarkable effect, some players he has coached has come out of his program a new player and being able to achieve techniques they were never able to do before such as the story of  Faris Haroun, who was sent to work with Bruyninckx and the Belgian International returned to his club being able to use his left foot with enough ability his club thought he was a natural left footed player.

“Based on the premise that the brain is at least 1,000 times faster than any computer, Bruyninckx’s intention is to make sure the young players he trains are programmed to take full advantage of the body’s “hard disk” and become more skilful and intelligent footballers” (John Sinnott- BBC NEWS)

Many reasons have been given for England’s failures in major tournament and their lack of credibility to compete on the world stage. In the summer of 2010 there could have been a million reasons and every English man,woman and child had an opinion on England’s downfall. Questions have certainly been asked and for the first time in my life in which i can remember past tournaments i saw and still see a collective disbandment of belief in England in tournaments, people get worried when we play Algeria and there is a new culture of  a thought process that defeat and underperforming is the accepted characteristic in English football and i find it hard to disagree as we build ourselves up in our minds and through the media to be the all mighty all-conquering world-class England but in actual fact we are decades behind any other half decent national team, outplayed by everyone in the world cup and the germans with a new team of youngsters humiliated our national team.

Michel Bruyninckx believes that England have a lack of a football brain which hinders our ability to move with the modern times of world football and that the old belief in England of “on your head son” is now culturally detrimental to the state of the game in this country.I t is no surprise that Bruyninckx has had so much popularity recently when he has Barcelona as his personal bibliography and the way they play using his and professor Wolfgang Schoellhorn learning policy. England apparently develop physically strong and quick players but they aren’t very clever players or receptive to phases of play in games which means they miss opportunities in those phases and their brains don’t allow them to see those creative opportunities where as Barcelona,Mainz and other european nations adopting this modern training will be able to see those opportunities.

“With his methods endorsed by ex-Belgian national coaches Paul van Himst and Robert Waseige, Bruyninckx estimates 25% of the 100 or so players that he has coached have turned professional or are in the women’s national squads.Compare this one-man Belgian football academy’s success rate to England where, according to the Professional Footballers’ Association chief executive Gordon Taylor, of the 600 boys joining Premier League and Football League clubs at the age of 16, 500 are out of the game by the time they are aged 21.”  (John Sinnott- BBC NEWS)

“We need to stop thinking football is only a matter of the body,” the 59-year-old Bruyninckx commented. “Skilfulness will only grow if we better understand the mental part of developing a player.”   (Michel Bruyninckx -BBC NEWS)

“Cognitive readiness, improved perception, better mastering of time and space in combination with perfect motor functioning.”   (Michel Bruyninckx -BBC NEWS)

“Bruyninckx points out that in Spain there is no 11-a-side football before the age of 15. He also believes that if you want to produce technical footballers then forget the idea of competition.”I create players that can play to win at the right moment, but firstly you have to explain that learning is more important than winning games”    (Michel Bruyninckx -BBC NEWS)

The reason i have put this last quote in Bold is because i think that is a very important aspect for us to remember and if you look at my coaching theory and go down to small sided games you will see that this is something i believe very strongly in. I think we have been massively let down by the FA as far as this is concerned. Children should never be thrown into competition at the ages that they are in this country and its been a fundamental structural issue since the beginning of organised football in England. Football should always be a small sided until they reach 15 this is where they learn to deal with certain phases of play and the improvement of their technique before boring them to death with tactical formulas

I believe there is one main reason for England’s failure in tournaments and the failure to produce enough players with ability to be world-class in order to win tournaments and that is the fact that the standard of coaching in England and the structure and hierarchy is appalling.England is far behind other European nations in respect to coaching standards, i am not sure whether it is pure arrogance from the heads of the FA that govern the coaching qualification procedure or whether it is incompetence to have let us get into this dire situation, but you will never hear that from the top they will always tell you it is being worked on and things are looking up but the stats and the facts behind the disaster and failure speaks for itself.


“There are 2.25 million players in England and only one Uefa-qualified coach for every 812 people playing the game. Spain, the World Cup favourites, have 408,134 players, giving a ratio of 1:17. In Italy, the world champions, the ratio is 1:48, in France it is 1:96, Germany 1:150 and even Greece, the Euro 2004 winners, have only 180,000 registered players for their 1,100 coaches, a ratio of 1:135. ”  (Matt Scott – The Guardian)

This statistic is pitiful and as a coach fighting to achieve mine , and that is what it feels like a fight to get that in England i can assure you it is tough, it is even tougher when the instructors don’t turn up. In the last few months i have heard of countless stories where instructors have not shown up for key parts of modules leaving no explanation, a friend of mine who was due to take a Futsal coaching course through the FA didn’t turn up and then when they have finished the course the applicants aren’t hearing feedback and then face another fight to retrieve their certificates which they have paid for and earned. This malpractice is huge in respect to the reason why our ratio is so poor when it is so very difficult to climb the ladder here.

“three years ago an official report concluded that coaching is the “golden thread” leading to international success, but new Uefa data shows that there are only 2,769 English coaches holding Uefa’s B, A and Pro badges, its top qualifications. Spain has produced 23,995, Italy 29,420, Germany 34,970 and France 17,588.Between them those four nations have provided eight of the 12 finalists at all the World Cups and European Championships since 1998. England, meanwhile, have not appeared in a tournament final in 44 years.”  (Matt Scott – The Guardian)

This is atrocious reading for people are trying so desperately to gauge a career in the game, to know that if they were in any other european country they would be at the top of the game right now.What this has done is drive aspiring coaches to leave England myself included i am looking to leave and go back to the USA or anywhere there are more coaching opportunities. The price is also an issue, considering we have one of the weakest numbers in B Licence coaches why on earth do we pay so much more for our’s ?, you would think they would be dropping the price and the ridiculous pass rate.The fact is european nations have B Licence coaches creating programs for their children and their local communities giving young children an avenue from the bottom to the top to train at an elite modern level and the children of England get the Jose Mourinho wannabe on a sideline kicking a ball in the middle for an hour and shouting at young children teaching them to be rude with the language they use rather than intelligent and progressive sports people.Now i don’t mean every coach is at that standard in England but the trouble is all of those B licence coaches are at professional clubs and those professional programs aren’t available for the normal local community so how are we supposed to develop a team capable of winning tournaments when we can’t even have the intelligence to accept the structure is wrong and needs changing.

Because of the above issue id tend to believe that it is the neglection of football development in this country rather than we possess unintelligent footballers which is the reason for our downfall although that doesn’t mean that i don’t think Michel’s Brain training is essential as it is a new modern development in coaching and one we should adapt too and who would argue with his references from the way Barcelona play.I will leave you with this revelation ……

“At the current rate of progress it will take 123 years for England’s resource of Pro-licensed coaches to match Spain’s today.”

Brain Training, Is it the answer to England’s playing and coaching problems, A very interesting Article!, what is you’re view ?.




Respect can be shown in many ways in Football, Sport and in everyday life.As a sportsman it is important that respect is shown to all different groups of public’s such as the Match Officials,the team-mates,the opponents,parents and themselves.They are role models to each other so they must make sure that their behaviour doesn’t rub off on anyone else.When we talk about respect in sport and football people tend to instantly think of the children and how it should be their behaviour that is monitored, when in fact the children gain their respectful characteristics from their role models like they’re parents and teachers as well as the individuals they idolize.Because of this it is those senior figures in the children’s lives which we must monitor especially in the sporting context where respect and Integrity is valued so highly.

Over the years of coaching whether it be in England , America or Australia I have come across a lot of horrendous and disrespectful behaviour from parents and spectators.While I was in America I coached a team in my region whose parent coaches behaviour was questionable to say the least in upholding respect to the sport.I was sent there to be the lead coach and train them and be their game day coach.Every game they would shout and scream for everything like they were parent coaches of Liverpool FC and not a U9 youth team.It was appalling to watch 8 yr old children being shouted at like they were soldiers and witnessing three adult men only believe in winning rather than the players development ,progression and happiness.The yelling was so constant and extremely intimidating for the children it was verging on the unbelievable.The conduct could only be classed as abuse to intimidate 8-9 yr olds so I had to get the Football Club involved to come down and watch in secret so they could witness it for themselves, although there were many different forms of disrespect involved from parents shouting negative feedback on the sidelines to the players and to the referees which even spread to the training sessions.In training I saw a distinct decline in player behaviour as the weeks of poor behaviour from the parents got more and more intense, the behavioural virus was infecting all aspects of the team and in training the parent coaches started to try to take active involvement in my sessions. stopping my sessions to make a pointless point based around winning games which I was shocked and infuriated by and then in another session he stopped my highly intensive combination passing session because he wanted me to run a session on throw ins, which you don’t teach as a session its like somebody wanting to work on corners for a U9 team, these are elements that can be touched on during breaks and pre match and these guys were complaining and sending in unwarranted complaints because they had watched a few Premier League games on Fox in the states and thought they knew it all when all they achieved was to install misbehaviour and a culture of blame and fear of making mistakes.

This was absolutely a disgrace to youth Football and those coaches were bringing the sport into disrepute and is exactly what we need to avoid, other teams i have coached have flourished with positive feedback and a present respect campaign.Players need these positive and influential figures in they’re young lives in order to become good human beings, if these children are brought up with negative influences around them they will learn from those influences and then eventually go on to teach the same negative characteristics to other generations.There should be set rules at matches of younger ages such as all feedback from the sidelines should be positive for both the home and away team and any negativity should be ordered away from the field, parents and especially parent coaches should show respect to the actual training professional coach in front of children and set an example for those children,parent should be made to sign a respect campaign form stating their intent to be a positive role model for the other children at the club.Parents should never talk to the referee or shout at him/her, only one person should be allowed to talk to the referee and that is the experienced qualified trainer and this should not be during the game and in front of prying eyes as being a good role model is essential! if we are to have the children respecting humanity.

I worry about the game in Britain as negative people are ingrained into every local youth club, whenever i go to watch a game i witness the same abuse but the difference in England is that you hear a lot of obscenities and swear words and it is considered part of the game which is absolutely unacceptable but it is a tough issue to solve as it is a Working Class sport and this is the culture it is built around upon all steps on the hierarchy so even if legislation is brought in to curb this it is still impossible to monitor and bring through into fruition.It raises many questions, what do you do with a parent who is abusive on the sidelines ? do you forever ban them from the field of play? if so are you punishing the child by doing so?.There are many issues in respect that is plaguing our youth game and we should work tirelessly to improve the number of positive role models we have infiltrating the sport at all levels so that children learn to respect their coaches,teachers,parents, team-mates,opponents and themselves.









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Building Character Break


Building Character

Never underestimate just how much a sit down talk about ethics and values in a sporting environment and as human beings overall can help build character and install sportsmanship and a friendly encouraging attitude among the players and their peers.This can be done by coaches sitting down in smaller groups in a relaxed fun attitude to ask questions and use it as an open forum for the children to have their own opinions and ideas, and decipher what building character and ethics and values means to them,Obviously you will do this as an age appropriate talk and is a good way to set an example and give the children an opportunity to set examples of their own and to understand what it means to be a role model for they’re friends and they’re family.Aspects which should be talked about are :- 


  • Sportsmanship – Be  a good sportsman to team-mates and opposition, accept decisions and always help your team-mates and encourage them,be appreciative of great plays from opposing teams and be gracious in victory and defeat
  • Leadership – Show leadership amongst fellow players ,encourage and inspire people to be better and to improve 
  • Gamesmanship – This is an important characteristic as we live in a modern world where the participants are watching theyre favourite players week in and week out consistently diving and bringing the game into disrepute so for them to understand that cheating is not acceptable in sport and how we should uphold our dignity in sport at all times.All issues should be discussed in this section such as Racism,spitting,swearing,violence,clear cheating,time-wasting etc.
  • Responsibility – Be responsible for you re actions on and off the field and not just in a sporting context but stretched to all areas of the players lives
  • Honesty/Integrity – Have Integrity on the field and in their lives, always give 100 percent , how can they show this ? being on time for training, helping tidy up, be honest in decisions and help them become respectable human beings
  • Respect – Respect to you’re coaches,show respect to your opponents and team-mates  and have respect for the sport






Building Character Break.

Are UEFA Losing The Plot ?

Are UEFA Barking Mad ?

UEFA, the Governing Body for European football, The leaders in codification for football throughout Europe, The Moderators of that codification to ensure the highest levels of fairness and fair play in Europe, The Organisers and Iconic image as a Powerful Organisation relied upon to promote successful legitimate football business and punish actions and behaviour which brings the game into disrepute.

 To promote positive sporting values, including fair play and anti-racism, as well as safe and secure match environments is not something UEFA takes lightly. Neither, too, is making football work for the broader benefit of society and influencing attitudes and behaviour beyond the confines of the stadium.

(Adam Szreter-

But have their  latest decisions been contradictory to values and policies within the sport.Racism in European Football has always been a major issue especially in countries such as Italy,Spain,Portugal and the Eastern Block Countries and for the most part UEFA have issued fines and sanctions against those clubs who have brought the game into disrepute,but are they doing enough? and have the sanctions been enough to deter racial abuse? and have the fines distributed been enough to make a dent in which clubs will think about how they can help curb the issue within their own clubs and from the stands.

Bulgaria fans taunt the England players during the Euro 2012 qualifier in Sofia

Bulgaria Fans Racially Abuse England Players Ashley Cole and Ashley Young

UEFA believe they are but I don’t believe that is the case.Football is an industry generating billions of dollars and the clubs at the top of their divisions who play in Europe every season will generate a higher profit margin than most.Because of this why do UEFA believe that it is a legitimate sanction to fine a club between 20 and 40 thousand Euro’s for racial abuse ?, To the clubs involved this is like having an extra player for a single week offering a one weeks wage to a player and is in no way a deterrent to racial abuse, those clubs are happily taking the punishment and in most occasions deny the very existence of the racial abuse within they’re stands even when the evidence is placed upon them and unmistakably proven to be true.How many times are clubs going to be allowed to get away with poor excuses such as  ” it was a misinterpretation of the words and they were just supporting our players”

 there would be no compromise in his organisation’s stance against racism in football.”Our policy on racism is one of zero tolerance,” ( Uefa president Michel Platini – )

And now we know the truth Michel Platini rendering you’re above statement unfounded. UEFA’S priorities have clearly been shown in recent events as unbelievably the organisation have fined Manchester City more for entering the field ONE minute late for the game against Sporting in the Europa League than the racial abuse Manchester City’s black players received from Porto fans in the tournament.Porto were fined 20,000 Euro’s and Manchester City were fined 30,000 Euros for being late. This is another example of farcical behaviour from an Organisation which is responsible for upholding the Law and Codification of the Sport.What kind of dangerous example are UEFA setting to Clubs in these countries where racism in sport is rife and to players who are expected to promote their organisation in these countries by playing in their high-profile tournaments.Are UEFA really expecting people to accept that they believe poor time keeping by up to 60 seconds is a far more punishable action by exactly 10,000 Euro’s than racism in football especially as it was so clear.Where does that leave the victims ? would Mario Balotelli and Yaya Toure be justified in refusing to play in European competition in certain countries due to the lack of strength and Moderating from the organisation which is supposed to protect them.UEFA’S  priorities are completely in the dark ages which is proven by this decision.

Following that game City made an official complaint, after Balotelli informed club officials that he had heard the monkey noises and taunts throughout the first half and then when he was substituted late on. Porto defended themselves, claiming that what was heard was actually chants from both Porto and City fans in support of their players, Hulk and Sergio [Agüero].Uefa upheld the decision although the fine amount is the same as €20,000 demanded five years ago from the Serbian football federation after supporters racially abused England’s black players during their European Under-21 championship match in the Netherlands.

Porto like other clubs tried to pass off the monkey chants and racial abuse as their own fans supporting their own players and Sergio Aguero in which they believe it didn’t happen, this excuse is surely getting boring and in response when pushed accused Manchester City fans of racial abuse because of chants aimed at their star forward Hulk which were “you’re not incredible, you’re not incredible” , which of course was a poor attempt to compare monkey chants against.As we look at this issue we have seen two incidents in Britain and we believe that we are fighting against racial abuse in our own country but it doesn’t even scratch the surface compared to the rest of Europe where racism isn’t even accepted as an issue which is why it is so rife within these countries.

Considering the impact in which Michel Platini and UEFA’S decisions have in the football world it has actually hardly surprised me that they come up with the ludicrous statements,fines and sanctions that they do.The organisation is dominated by other European nationals so why should we be so surprised that fines are so low when they have been brought up in cultures where racial abuse is discarded and not deemed a negative impact embedded in the routes of society, but yet it seems being 60 seconds late for a game is?.In my opinion Michel Platini has never been the right man for the job and organisations should never be led by former players as they have agendas and will do everything in theyre power to see that agenda fulfilled which almost never includes fair play for all and transparency a prime example of this is the fines given to Celtic for using flares in the stands against Udinese.



A UEFA spokesperson said: ‘Celtic have been fined 25,000 euros by UEFA’s control and disciplinary body for breaching Article 11 of the UEFA disciplinary regulations.

Read more:

The hypocrisy is lamentable seem as though flares are used in stands in Italy and Spain in nearly every fixture they play if they fined them UEFA could have enough to end world hunger, but they wont because that would be against a European agenda of a former player who finds himself sat at the head of the table at one of the worlds biggest Organisations.It is suspected that a banner saying “F*** UEFA ” was the real catalyst for the fine, because of course you can’t have banners insulting UEFA they would rather you shout racial abuse while holding a flare in one hand and throwing missiles on the pitch with the other.There has been no answer from UEFA as of yet for the fines but expect one over the next few days as this farcical and morally and ethically dangerous decision grows pace within the politics of football.

Banner bother: Celtic fans had a message for UEFA at the Udinese game

UEFA’s treatment of Porto suggests that Europe’s governing body simply doesn’t care. 


Premier League Penalty Myth Unravelled

My Football Facts & Stats | Premier League | Penalty Statistics.

The Penalty Myth

Football today is dominated by different thought processes and myths regarding fair play and whether certain teams get certain advantages from referees and officials with decisions.There have been so many to name but one that always creeps into the frame is the complete myth that Manchester United get more penalties and decisions going their way more than any other team.Another is the belief that Manchester United get more injury time added on for them if they are losing or drawing or just generally need a goal named “Fergie” time.

The Myth i wanted to look at is the Penalty claim that United get more and that referees are partial towards them than any other team and after looking at the statistics for the past 10 years of premiership football i have found that the results are very interesting.

One thing i always find is that people always believe what they want to believe if it defends or promotes the fact that they’re team are always hard done by or are victimized against certain clubs.Wherever i am i have heard the same old story that United win because of the referees and the penalties they are given, do people actually believe that Manchester United the biggest club in Britain have only won they’re titles by having penalties given for them? if they do then they have to look at the facts and stop looking for answers and reasons to blame bigger clubs for their own clubs downfalls because the statistics and evidence do not back up they’re claims.

If we look at the statistics Manchester United over the last ten years are not the highest penalty earners and that Arsenal are the leaders in penalties awarded with 57 and then Liverpool with 56 and United with 55, but even then there are teams that are similar with 50+ .This shows that no team has been shown preferential treatment as the figures are generally quite close and United aren’t even in the top two teams.

Some people and rightly so would say that the myth has only really begun to surface over the last 3 seasons so maybe over 10 years that information could be irrelevant but i just wanted to show that people’s made up figures shouldn’t be taken as fact.With that in thought I looked for the statistics over the last 3 premiership seasons and these are the figures.

Chelsea 22

Manchester City 21

Manchester United 17

Arsenal 16

Liverpool 15

This shows that over the last three seasons Chelsea Football Club have  had the most penalties awarded followed by Manchester City with United,Arsenal and Liverpool only 2 goals the difference between them.Again there is no evidence to suggest that United are getting preferential treatment through penalties from referees in which i find ironic due to the fact that it was Patrick Vieira of Manchester City who today claimed that Manchester United were given special treatment from referees, an ex pro who is now heavily involved at Manchester City although this can be chalked off to mind games and itself trying to sway decisions of referees by outlining a thought of doubt in officials minds in future United games given the closeness of the table positions.

Another interesting point about penalties after looking for patterns in the statistic tables is that if you look at the penalties given and then at how many were given at home and away, the majority of the penalties given to all teams in the premiership have been awarded at home.I have heard the theory before that penalty decisions are more generous when at home for any club and the evidence does back that for every club on average,it doesn’t happen for every single club stat but it does have evidence to support it.

The Myth that Manchester United are given preferential treatment is an urban legend as it is proven that they don’t get anywhere near as many penalties at home or away as other clubs in fact in the 2010/11 season they are in 8th place, in the 2009/10 season they are in 4th place and in 2008/09 season they languish in 12th position for penalties awarded and in fact last season they had more penalties given against them then they were given.

Because of this I find it hard to comprehend anyone who would use myths without evidence to blame other clubs for their own clubs failings although i do understand the theory that rivals will always find a reason to explain a loss which doesn’t involve slandering their own and the very fact that Manchester United have dominated British football for so long, it makes them an easy target,Liverpool had the same treatment and then Jose Mourinho’s Chelsea with Roman Abramovich’s ever swelling wallet.Despite all of this it seems that there is an underlying culture among the footballing world in Britain to be anti-United without any proof, without any facts and without any evidence to back up their claims when in fact and the conclusion of these cultural opinions is that they all stem from jealousy and bitterness towards successful clubs.I shall leave you with this for thought . . .


Skill/Dribble/Technique Season


It is very important that when a season is started that it is followed through to the end of the season with the same topic.The reason for this is because you cannot possibly learn all about certain techniques in one session and then move on to another session with another topic in the next session for example, you cannot possibly teach passing in one session and then go onto something else the next considering how many different styles of passing and the complexities of the harder styles of passing

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Aerial Control

Bounce Juggles can be very beneficial to the players as this involves one of the main issues which surrounds youth football as a skill.What is meant by this is that it is very important for children to learn how to bring the ball out of the air as quick and as efficient as possible in order to win possession for they’re teams. I have found in my experience that youth teams that are able to do this have a much higher chance of victory than if they cant.via Aerial Control.

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