2012 in review

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

600 people reached the top of Mt. Everest in 2012. This blog got about 7,500 views in 2012. If every person who reached the top of Mt. Everest viewed this blog, it would have taken 13 years to get that many views.

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Circle Chase 2


The rules are similar to Circle Chase 2 .This time players in the circle move with the circle blocking off the tagger forcing the tagger to think fast about which direction to turn and which foot technique or touches can get him/her there faster as there will be small pockets of time to beat the circle and have an opportunity to tag the other dribbler

    1. Player in the circle now pass the ball to each other whilst moving in different directions as a unit to block tagger
    2. upon receiving the ball use inside and outside touches
    3. when coach shouts numbers to swap out of circle players those players must swap balls by passing with the players they are replacing and explode with pace into the grid

Coaching Points

  • Awareness
  • Vision
  • Inside of the foot to the outside of the foot
  • attack the space
  • turn fast

Circle Chase


Players are split into circle players,dribblers and taggers.Four are picked to form an unorthadox circle, one player is chosen as a tagger and one player is the dribbler

      • The tagger and dribbler start at opposite sides of the circle
      • The tagger must try and chase the dribbler
      • The tagger can move through the circle but the dribbler cannot
      • This teaches sharper turns at greater speeds and awareness
      • Players in the middle circle complete continuous inside and outside touches
      • Every 30 seconds players change quickly
      • each player as a number .. after the 30 secs coach shouts two numbers to replace the tagger and dribbler

Depending on how many players you have in the session you could have 2 or 3 different circles working at the same time

Coaching Points

    • Awareness
    • Vision
    • Inside of the foot to the outside of the foot
    • attack the space
    • turn fast

Black Hole Game


This game is based around 5 circles of cones inside the grid (black holes) . The players are split into two teams.The teams play keep away except the ball must never be received inside a circle “black hole”

    • Players can run through the circles but must not touch the ball inside
    • Teaches them to move into space and forces them to be more intuitive in how they pass the ball
    • When a player releases the ball in a pass the player then runs around the closest black hole and looks to recieve the ball in space
    • Every third pass must be a longer pass
    • How many passes can they complete in succession
    • Add Skills

Coaching Points

    • Awareness
    • Perfect 10 pass
    • Football vision
    • Read movement
    • receive on back foot

Beat The Clock


Beat The Clock


This is a normal game using the usual 2 goals but one major difference is that there are no goalkeepers

  1. Corners and throw ins are allowed although throw ins are used as pass ins
  2. Players are encouraged to express themselves and attack
  3. Teams attack opponents goal, when a goal is scored that team immediately attacks the opposite goal they were previously defending
  4. Have a time limit for them to score as many goals as they can
  5. Add different pass combos
  6. Add different runs for example Overlaps and Underlaps
  7. Add skill points
  8. Remember to always challenge them

Coaching Points

  1. Spread out and find the open space
  2. Remember players arent ghosts
  3. Keep the ball if a pass can’t be found, can they attack and express themselves by dribbling
  4. Head up
  5. Awareness
  6. Acceleration

Beat The Clock.

Steal The Bacon

Steal The Bacon


This is an activity that is popular to break up a session from ultimate touches and let the children express themselves a little in friendly competition but is not an activity i would have as part of a structured session without more adaptation but it is a lot of fun !. The game is very good because it can work on many aspects effectively such as 1v1 skills, dribbling , passing and combination play and if used effectively it can be a great fun way of diversing your session.

  1. Teams are split into two, standing wither side of a 3 a side sized field
  2. Each team is numbered
  3. If you have higher amounts of players then make more teams of smaller numbers to make it more intense
  4. Coach plays the ball into the middle of the grid
  5. He/She then shouts a number
  6. The players who have been allocated that number battle it out to win possession and get a strike on either goal
  7. Add multiple numbers
  8. Add all numbers
  9. Add more balls
  10. Add Handicap a team by only allowing certain teams to have one player released etc

Coaching Points

  • Awareness
  • Head Up
  • Focus
  • Read game
  • Perfect ten
  • Strike through ball
  • Use the right skill

via Steal The Bacon.




The players are split into two teams.8 cones are set out with a ball rested on top (the coconuts)

  1. Team A have to try and shoot their ball and hit the coconuts off of the trees (the cones)
  2. Team B has to defend the trees (cones) by attempting to get interceptions of the shots and block off the target areas
  3. How many coconuts can they knock off the trees?
  4. Add time limits
  5. If a target is blocked off then accelerate away and look for a new striking opportunity

Coaching Points

  1. Perfect 10 technique
  2. Point at the target (if needed)
  3. Head up
  4. Awareness
  5. Strike through the ball


Fast Food Game


This is a very very simple game and can be best used as a pulse raiser

  1. Players Dribble their balls in the grid keeping there knife and fork close (ball)
  2. Coach shouts a Food type and the players must dribble to that restaurant
  3. Last one to the restaurant doesnt get any food
  4. Toe taps when in restaurant (eating)


  • Add food prices to each restaurant and start the players with a set amount of money
  • If players lose control of their knife and fork they lose money
  • they can only dribble to restaurants they can afford
  • Richer players dribble to all

Coaching Points

  • Awareness of other players
  • Head up
  • Focus
  • Only toes on the ball when using toe taps









Fast Food Game.

Indiana Jones Treasure Hunter !



Cones are lined up on one side of the grid.The players are split into two teams in which one team has a ball each and lines on the opposite sideline to the cones

  1. The treasure hunters must dribble there footballs and shoot the ball to hit the treasure
  2. The other team which stands inside the grid (The natives) must defend the treasure by trying to take possession of the treasure hunters (Indiana Jones) footballs
  3. If treasure hunter is succesful at beating the natives and hitting the treasure then they get to keep the treasure
  4. If they lose their ball or miss the treasure with the pass/shot they must return to the start
  5. Who can recover the most treasure ? !

Coaching Points

  1. Awareness
  2. Head up
  3. Keep ball close
  4. Accelerate
  5. Perfect ten passing technique

Indiana Jones Treasure Hunter !.

Alien Attack !


A circle of cones is set up in the middle of the grid, this is called the Alien Space Station/Ship

  1. Players get into pairs and hold a pinny/bib between them which acts as their energy source so they must not let go of the energy source
  2. The fighters (players) start with 3 lives
  3. The Alien shoots his special lasers (balls) at the fighters
  4. When all lives are gone they join the Alien race
  5. The new Aliens can fly from the Space station to attempt to destroy the remaining fighters!
  6. The winners are the last standing fighters
  7. Remember if the players let go of their life energy source they also become aliens

Coaching Points

  1. Awareness
  2. Head up
  3. Communication is important to move in the same directions to evade lasers

Alien Attack !.