Sheep Dog Competition !


This is a larger game

5 boxes are set out with 2 cones acting as “the gate” to the sheep paddocks

  1. Players are put into teams (make it fun by giving them sheep team names)
  2. Players dribble their footballs around the main grid
  3. Each team has their own paddock at the beginning
  4. A “sheep dog” is picked for each team which changes each turn
  5. The sheep dog herds the teammates back to their paddock upon coaches command
  6. First team back in the paddock wins
  7. Make it more difficult by adding that the sheep must stay still until the sheep dog dribbles their ball to them and passes their ball into the sheeps
  8. Make it even harder by taking away a paddock with each turn and changing the position of  the gates for each paddock challenging them mentally to keep aware

Coaching Points

  1. Awareness
  2. Head Up
  3. Ball close to feet
  4. Acceleration

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