Robin Hood


Explain that inside the grid is sherwood forrest and the balls are the “gold”

  1. Players split into 4 teams
  2. each player takes in turn to sprint to the gold and steal a bar of gold for the poor and take it back to their teams tree house
  3. Players must use a skill (whichever skill has been taught in main of session) to turn the ball away from the middle
  4. Winning team has the most gold at their tree house at the end
  5. be sure to use different combinations of skills and make it challenging

Coaching Points


  1. Points for the skill I will leave for the coaches discretion as there are a vast range of skills which can be used
  2. laces
  3. head up
  4. small touches

2 thoughts on “Robin Hood

  1. I love using this in my sessions. Kids love the idea of being Robin Hood especially if they can show off there tricks stealing some gold for there team!!!


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