Pirates Bounty !!

Pirates Bounty


Set up about 10 tall cones (the treasure) along one side of the grid. On the opposite side have each player (the pirates) start with a ball. 2-3 players will start inside the grid with an alternate color jersey on. They are defending the treasure (tall cones) along the side of the grid.On the coaches command, the pirates attempt to dribble past the defenders in attempt to take the treasure.This game can be adapted for different age groups by making it more challenging and adding more rules.

  • To take the treasure the players must knock down the cone with the ball.
  • Once they have knocked down the cone they must pick up the cone and take it back to their starting point while dribbling the ball.

If the pirates lose the ball by the defenders, they must start back over at the original starting point

Coaching Points

  • Keep the ball close and in control.
  • Pick head up while dribbling so they can see where the defenders are.
  • Explode past the defenders and dribble with speed

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