Knights of the Round Table


A classic personal version of King of the Ring. This time the grid becomes the Gladiators Arena and all the players are fighting to become the new Knight of the round table.

  1. When coach says Knights are you ready, the players must grab a leg and raise it and shout FREEEDDDOMMMMMM !
  2. Give two players different roles such as The Lion, or Spartacus(The Lion Roars and spartacus shouts ROOMMEEEE WILLL FALLLL) those players can attack in different ways such as only move sideways or be able to tag
  3. Players balls are now their heads and their legs are their swords they must keep their “heads as close to their “necks” (feet) as possible
  4. Last player standing is the crowned the knight !
  5. players who lose their heads join the coach in closing the arenas space to make it more difficult


  1. Awareness
  2. Shield ball
  3. Low center of gravity to protect the ball

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