Bug Attack



Everything in the grid is the coaches house. The players are the bugs, be enthusiastic ask them to pull their scariest bug faces!,make one of them a bug killer who must chase the bugs until he has taken their dust away from them (the balls)

  1. bugs dribble ball away from bug killer
  2. when bug killer takes the bugs dust the bug must lie on their back like a beetle overturned and wave arms and legs in the air shouting help
  3. bugs can only return to the game when another bug has dribbled their ball to the bug and roll them back onto their feet
  4. make it a little more challenging by saying that the bugs are too good and they’ve now gotten really fat and heavy from all the dust they’ve eaten so now when the bugs need help they must do ten toe taps to raise them with a crane before they can play on


  1. head up
  2. laces
  3. bottom of toe lightly touches ball on toe taps not the soles

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