Football Tennis

Football Tennis


Players are split into small teams.Mini Goals are set up in front of the participants to act as a tennis net although pretty much anything can be used so if you have benches or chairs then you could use them also just as long as there is a divide

Object of the game is exactly as tennis one team would serve allowing a bounce on the opposing side before the ball is passed back

Teams can have a points maximum and the teams that hits that maximum wins

There are a variety of different rules which can be applied to this activity to make it more challenging such as when the ball bounces you must control the ball on your knee and then head before trying to win a point on the opposing side

It can be made as easy or as difficult as the coach wants and is a very nice activity to break up your session and let the younger players have abit of fun mid session to break up the technical practices which will keep them focused

Coaching Points

  • Awareness
  • Control
  • Shoulders between ball
  • Move in lines
  • On your toes
  • Focus

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