Crazy Frog !

Crazy Frog


Explain that everything in side the grid is a pond and outside is land.Ask them questions , what animals live in ponds ? make it enthusiastic ! in our pond what do you think the cones would be ? etc .The cones are the Lilly pads which the players will start swimming around the pond and around the Lilly pads.

  • How many Lilly pads can they “swim” around
  • Have time limits
  • Can they beat they’re Score?

There are a number of different progressions you can use for this activity and i have used it without the keywords in the U8 Academy program at a more advanced level.

Explain the story a little more , ask them what lives on Lilly pads?, the answer being frogs .Cn they now dribble around the Lilly pads without knocking the frog off or touching any of the cones.

Now expand the story to say that the frogs have a secret that when they eat cheese after midnight they go a little crazy ! and last night your friend was sleep walking and made himself a big cheese sandwich but because he was asleep he wanted to share it with his froggy friends so he walked down to the pond and gave the frogs some cheese ! OHHH NOOOO !!! the frogs have gone crazy !!! so this time the players must swim (dribble) there footballs to the Lilly pads (cones) and stop the ball dead and drag the ball back and forth quickly to knock the frog off the cone !

Now the frogs have been Squashed and they are stuck to the Lilly pads the players must dribble their ball and do the scissors at the cone in order to wipe and clean the cones of the Frog guts, so this time they are squashing them (drag backs) and then cleaning the guts (scissors) in which the same rules apply of how many can they clean? can they beat their score

There are a number of progressions for this activity, another one I have used is saying that toxic waste was dumped into the pond and now the frogs are huge ! and use another skill at the coaches discretion to whatever skills he/she has been teaching them.After this final progression have the players do one more run where they take away the Lilly Pads so they can finally destroy the froggy revolution !

Coaching Point

  • Awareness
  • Laces Dribble
  • Underneath the toe for drag backs not the sole
  • Move legs like stirring a pot for scissors

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