Cops and Robbers FULL FIELD


This is a huge version of cops and robbers with alot different rules, it is based on the game capture the flag and has been adapted to improve dribbling while having a fu based attitude to the activity.

  1. players are split into two teams
  2. players must try to evade opposite team and steal the cash from the banks
  3. When a player makes it to the opposing teams bank he/she is safe
  4. The player must wait for an opportune moment to dribble the ball back to their bank if they make it over the half way line (out of opponents town) then they are safe they dribble and stop the ball in their own bank
  5. defending players can tag an opposing team member who enters their half of town and they must go to jail
  6. players can get out of jail by their team members dribbling a soccer ball to them and tagging them out
  7. remember you can be safe in any of the four boxes


  1. laces dribble
  2. awareness
  3. head up

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