Alien Attack !



A circle of cones is set up in the middle of the grid, this is called the Alien Space Station/Ship

  1. Players get into pairs and hold a pinny/bib between them which acts as their energy source so they must not let go of the energy source
  2. The fighters (players) start with 3 lives
  3. The Alien shoots his special lasers (balls) at the fighters
  4. When all lives are gone they join the Alien race
  5. The new Aliens can fly from the Space station to attempt to destroy the remaining fighters!
  6. The winners are the last standing fighters
  7. Remember if the players let go of their life energy source they also become aliens

Coaching Points

  1. Awareness
  2. Head up
  3. Communication is important to move in the same directions to evade lasers








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