Steal The Bacon



This is an activity that is popular to break up a session from ultimate touches and let the children express themselves a little in friendly competition but is not an activity i would have as part of a structured session without more adaptation but it is a lot of fun !. The game is very good because it can work on many aspects effectively such as 1v1 skills, dribbling , passing and combination play and if used effectively it can be a great fun way of diversing your session.

  1. Teams are split into two, standing wither side of a 3 a side sized field
  2. Each team is numbered
  3. If you have higher amounts of players then make more teams of smaller numbers to make it more intense
  4. Coach plays the ball into the middle of the grid
  5. He/She then shouts a number
  6. The players who have been allocated that number battle it out to win possession and get a strike on either goal
  7. Add multiple numbers
  8. Add all numbers
  9. Add more balls
  10. Add Handicap a team by only allowing certain teams to have one player released etc

Coaching Points

  • Awareness
  • Head Up
  • Focus
  • Read game
  • Perfect ten
  • Strike through ball
  • Use the right skill

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