Finding Nemo



The story is that you have a little friend (Nemo) who you can’t find and you need their help to find him.The grid is the ocean, be enthusiastic about the story and explain that the cones are sea rocks which he likes to hide under and we have to check them all

  1. Players dribble their soccer balls to each Sea rock and lift it up seeing if “Nemo” is under there
  2. The coach shows them “NEMO” at the beginning during the story (pinnie/bib rolled up)
  3. Coach places “NEMO” under a cone eventually and see who can find him


Again these are at a minimum so stick to dribbling

  1. Head Up
  2. Laces
  1. put a different coloured Pinnie/Bib and that can be a shark – player must dribble away quickly or put a nearby cone on their head so they are “Hiding” under the sea rock

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