Captains on Deck !


Explain that everything inside the grid is the boat. Show them which way is North/East/Sout/West so they understand. Have the assis/Volunteers help the younger children

  1. Coach shouts  North/East/Sout/West , the players will dribble their soccer ball to that area and put fut on the ball
  2. Coach shouts Captain on deck, players foot on the ball and salute shouting AYE AYE CAPTAIN!
  3. Coach shouts climb the rigging, players do ten toe taps
  4. Clean the deck, players place foot on the ball and drag it back and forth
  5. Seagulls are coming !!!, players pick their ball up and hold it on top of their head to stop the seagull poop hitting them
  6. Big wave to the West shaarrkkkk – move tho the right and balance the boat by doing boxers


Keep it simple

  1. laces
  2. awareness

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