This game has a giant (volunteer/assist coach) he is in the top red box and the white cones are his gold bars

Objective of the game is for the players to get to Shreks Palace and steal as many gold bars as they can and get back to their home without shrek knowing.

  1. Coach leads them across the swamp and making up some obstacles to make it exciting, swim across the river
  2. Climb a mountain
  3. slide down the mountain
  4. At any time Shrek could come out of his palace if he does instruct the players to get down on the ground and hide behind the ball so they are invisible
  5. Shrek may say “i smell little boys and girls and im hungry !” etc
  6. When they get to the palace they will enter and grab some bars shrek will awaken and chase them back to their home (blue cones
  7. Count how many
  8. can we beat the score
  9. Shrek waking up at the end is important as the children love that


Coaching points for Shrek game is at the coaches discretion as every coach i know has done this in a slightly different way

  1. Swimming maybe touching the ball to either foot whilst pretending to swim with arms etc
  2. climbing is toe taps
  3. Sliding can be foot on the ball and drag it
These points are an example as It is very adaptable and everyone has a different version, I would love to hear your versions or any progressions you would make.

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