3-5 Yr Olds Minis

The 3-5 year old category is always a challenging category to coach as they respond differently to what older groups do. If they do not want to do something they will flat-out not do it and no amount of persuasion will sway them back, especially if their own parent or guardian can’t help to do so.  It is extremely important that the coach is enthusiastic and is as fun as possible to help them engage in the session,if at any point describe something in a boring monotone way then i guarantee you will lose them, generally acting silly and over overenthusiasticly explaining things will make the world of difference !

Remember to bring things down to their level , so what would a 3-5 yr old enjoy and what would help them engage in the session and a great way of doing this is stories, I have built little stories for each of the games i coach at this age group it helps them get into the game and helps them understand the rules of the game but it is also a chance to build some rapport and make it fun for them.One important element is to come down to them to their level when talking it is less intimidating for them and easier for them to understand especially if you are a 6ft 4 guy like myself , I’m sure a 3 yr old may be intimidated by a 6ft 4 crazy guy running around doing a crazy chicken dance etc.

It is important to have assistant coaches for these sessions, you should never have a session like this by yourself because no matter how much of a good coach you are their age will always conquer whatever you have planned , they will never stay inside the grid regardless how many things you call the outside of the grid, they will always want to go and talk to “mummy” so these elements you just have to deal with the best way you can and the best way I have found is to have volunteers just to help out if a child runs out of the grid even if this is a parent or two, the help is always essential as you can’t have eyes everywhere. Never be as naive to think that you can control every situation.

Water breaks should happen more than you would any other age group as it doesn’t take them as long to tire and need water, so after each game I would do so and if it is an extra long game then maybe double up on water breaks.


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