Game Day Substitution Policies


This topic has the potential for so many different answers and opinions. When I was young and i was playing youth football the roll on substitutions didn’t exist and the local game was plagued by pretend Jose Mourinho’s who were hell-bent on winning no matter what age group the children fall under whether it be U8’s or U13’s.This mentality is a huge reason why the English game has been in a state of decline as far as technique and skill attribute development and substitutions can be related to this issue, the game in Britain had decades of neglecting the maximum participation coaching characteristics, what i mean by this is that players would be left to freeze on the sidelines after paying money to play for their respected clubs and thanks to a “Jose Mourinho” coach would only maybe get on the field of play for 5 minutes and there were far too many examples of this and i myself have been a victim of this. A dangerous culture within local clubs and community clubs is the “click” culture where coaches favour certain players and believe they are put there to help them win football matches regardless of how many people they disrespect on the way to achieving that, but I think those coaches are there to make sure that their priority is the development of the players and help them grow into being good human beings and to physically develop them and their footballing attributes, it is a shame that for so many this is not the case.

This is something that should NEVER happen !

(This image is becoming far too much of a regular thing)

Substitutions outside if the Professional and Semi Professional game should always adopt the “Roll on ” substitution policy. Why would we be so consumed outside the professional game about turning what should be a learning development into something serious as a codification of the rules which could hinder a players development because i know for a fact if i was left on the sideline every game and still had to pay money to that club then id be seriously considering choosing another sport. The ability to come on and off the field at different points of the game gives young players a chance to play for longer and therefore touching the ball more which in turn improves their progression as players, but also people should remember that it’s about maximum participation at that age and not winning , it’s not like the local village community club are going to be winning any Premier League Titles any time soon.

Even with the “Roll on” policy there are issues in that people use the policy differently and have their own interpretation on how it can be applied to them in a football match. The USA use this process with great success but even with this success there are certain discrepancies which can arise and the number one issue is still playing time.I have witnessed American parents timing players on field times and comparing their child s times with other children’s and believe me if they see there is any difference they will let you know such is their devotion. I generally used to bring players off every 15 minutes or so and sometimes every few minutes just to give them a justified amount of time on the field and with that in mind the coach has to stick to their guns as parents will always believe their son deserves more time on the field whether they are as gifted as Lionel Messi or as clumsy as Emile Heskey, but the priority of that coach should be to play “Emile Heskey” set him challenges and develop Emile into a Demba Ba and so on …..

I would love to hear an opinion on this ? feel free


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