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I now have the go ahead ! everything is in place and support from local facilities to start the project that is badly needed ! I’m asking for all my friends to share the Crowdfunder page to help us reach our target so we can get on the field helping people as soon as possible , there are great rewards if you have children ! Please share and if you have any questions then don’t hesitate to message me 🙂 Thank You !
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CoachesUnited to Revolutionize Sports Development and Well Being

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CoachesUnited is making huge strides to begin programs to help communities and Sports development.If you are in a position that you can then please help us start our programs with a donation for our upcoming Crowdfunder campaign !


Hi, I am looking for financial help for my start up company CoachesUnited. I am a qualified sports development expert, specialising in football development and youth physical development. I have a degree in international football management and I am also a website owner and author, writing and publishing football development sessions and articles of how football and sports can positively impact and influence communities and well-being.

I’ve received elite training in growing sports development from all over the world, directed the biggest sports camps in the world with 400+ children on each camp and managed regions in the USA, achieving phenomenal success. I’ve also won awards in this sector, including ‘Rookie coach of the year’ and nominated for ‘Coach of the year’.

I have travelled the world watching, learning and coaching with the best sports development companies in the world and with coaches from a lot of backgrounds and cultures in the game which has allowed me to research and build a philosophy that has been proven to work. I have managed regions in the USA to huge success using the same philosophies changing the regions in which they now have a legacy of community cohesion and have sports teams they are proud of and actively work together to help the community and raise funds for charity.

I would now like to use my knowledge and expertise to start a new and modern approach to the development of Sport in the UK, which will be the first of its kind.



We are going to offer the best youth development programs in the country aiming at 5-10 yr olds using our unique approach to teach skills and character building.CoachesUnited promote teamwork and use our model to give children the best possible early structure to become outstanding members of the community and good respectful human beings.

We work with communities to be cohesive and fundraise to help good causes and with this are able to help community schemes to clean up the communities we work in.

CoachesUnited are committed to helping reduce depression which is something that is a staple in the heart of the company. It is proven that physical activity and communication helps to reduce stress levels and depression and we strive to help as many people seek help and join us in their pathway of getting better.



CoachesUnited are different because we use a genuine scientific approach to coaching and development. There are so many companies in the UK that are letting the public down due to the standard of their sessions which are outdated and not conducive to maximum participation, they also offer sessions that are similar to each other and offer no differentiation to each other. Some companies have been so abhorrent in their approach they have set the English football technical development 120 years behind the leaders such as Germany and Spain.

CoachesUnited have had the benefit of learning from philosophies abroad and through experience have based their programs on the highly successful German/Spanish/Holland and USA models of sports development. We base our pioneering approach on Brain training which is using sessions to trick the brain into learning skills without the participants realising while using a backbone of dutch philosophy of “touches on the ball” which is essential for developing technically in football, for example in a technical session the participants upon entering the field will enter their own personal skill square until all other participants have arrived to start the session which stops children lingering and being ineffective and also gives the parents peace of mind that they are learning and they are in a safe environment. The participants are guaranteed to learn 16 skills at speed in their first segment of sessions as well as many different manipulations of the ball. This is the first of its kind of this quality in the UK.


What we have found is that other organisations sessions still use line drills and in an hours session the participant only has time on the ball for an average 40% of the session while the other 60% is wasted on coaches over talking and on players waiting in lines or waiting for new grids to be made for other activities and is an example of a very poor quality of session and unfortunately the public has become used to this mediocrity as its all that organisations have ever provided for them which has resulted in the UK now having one of the worst sports development programs in the world amongst the more modern nations.

CoachesUnited participants touch the ball for an average of 80% of the session meaning they touch the ball twice as much as any other company in the UK which also means that they have practiced twice as hard and over a ten session block have 5 more learning hours on the ball than anyone else.

Football development has to move into this direction with the rest of the world or accept mediocrity.


Well being is becoming an essential element of health care in the world. It is proven that fun exercise and communication helps ease depression and stress and a number of medical departments now advise some form of exercise to help ease the pressure of depression and stress.

Depression is fast becoming a pandemic in the uk and is now the second leading cause of disability cases in the world which has resulted in a rise of suicide especially amongst men.


Physical exercise has been proven to Release feel-good brain chemicals that may ease depression, reducing immune system chemicals that can worsen depression and increase body temperature, which has calming effects. This is something that is very close to my heart as I have suffered from depression and know how debilitating it can be.

We will provide well-being programs to help people who are suffering through exercise, communication and fun exercise, we shall also provide walks in areas of beauty and provide a pathway to help in recovery and for participants to know they are not alone.


With your help we can reach as many charity groups as we can. There are many groups abroad that are in desperate need of help in Asia and Africa, for example in India there is a group which help children escape  arranged marriages by giving them a place to stay and an education but are always in desperate need of equipment.

Charitable causes are going to be at the very heart of the company and will dedicate to many deserving charities both home and abroad


U8 Boys and Girls programs –                      Fun Brain training, Introduction to the program

U10 Boys and Girls programs-     Brain training, touches on the ball, learn 16 skills at speed

Ball Genius-                                        Small touches at speed, different ways to manipulate the ball

Fun Conditioning –                           Fun pulse raising sessions to help obesity

Coaches Clinic –                                                 Helping parent coaches understand how to do their role

Disabled and Handicapped sessions-       specially designed fun sessions for the disabled

Well Being –                                        Help ease the suffering of people with stress and depression issues

Community-                                       Community reach projects and programs, graffiti/litter etc



All Equipment


We want to approach advertising and marketing in a modern way by producing videos of sessions with explanations of why we do certain activities and how we communicate in order to allow prospective participants to pre watch sessions before they commit so they can get an idea of what they are signing up for.

Website for online easy registrations

A website will allow us to reach much more people and engage with more participants of different diversity

Hiring of Facilities

All legal documentations needed such as enhanced insurance

The money will help us arrange more fundraising events for good causes in which the equipment to do so is so important and imperative for us to move forward. The more we can raise the more community schemes and charities we can start and help.

The wellness program is in need of finance to be able to have the right equipment in order to help as many sufferers as we can and also to be able to take that physical activity on the road to places we can have fun such as group hikes for charity so we can put back into the program to help more people and other organisations to help as many people as we can.


Thank You so much !