Disgraceful and Disgusting Racism And Violence From Serbia Footage

This Video clearly shows the disgraceful and unacceptable behaviour of the Serbian National team.The Serbs subjected the England players to vile racist vocals and hammered them with missiles in the form of rocks and coins.The Serbian FA rejected all accusations in a statement today which is a further embarrassment to the football world considering the overwhelming evidence and video footage including this one.There was no Racism Serbia ? absolute lies and now the Serbian FA should also be brought to justice for bringing the game into disrepute by ignoring the issue, there has to be a lengthy ban involved as if they want to live in the dark ages of racism then we should treat them like it and cut them off from the world footballing community.
The referee shouldn’t come out of this unscathed either, he was told countless times about the racism and brushed it off even with the echoes of “monkey chants” vibrating around the stadium he ignored and now it has surfaced that the referee has not mentioned any racial abuse in the match in his report despite the overwhelming evidence which is utterly a disgrace and proof that the referee was not up to officiating in such a match especially seem as though Jack Butland had warned him of the abuse and even told him of the missiles and a seat which were being thrown at him to which his response was ” stop complaining and get back in-goal” …. UEFA have to stop with the cowardice and make an example of them !


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