Tornado tears through An Amateur Football Match In Chile !

Mother Nature rips through an amateur match in Chile.Now you’d think the reaction of the players would be more ‘end of the world’ or maybe ‘Armageddon’ style or at the bare minimum a ‘catastrophic Natural phenomenon bone chilling panic followed by a sprint for survival’, apparently not in Chile !

During a game a swirl of wind develops picking up dust just behind the far sideline and within seconds it progresses into a full blown tornado which travels across the field and passes through the goalmouth

The strangest thing about this video is the nonchalant manner the players react as they look like they just want to play through it like its an everyday occurrence , I think someone should remind them that it isn’t a normal break in play like a dog on the field and in fact they don’t even consider it a break in play and carry on playing.The only people that react as they should are spectators and substitutes on the far sideline who do eventually run for their lives !!

Only in Chile eh



Get ready for take-off: The tornado starts its advance towards the pitch





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