Serbian Amateur Player Scores Worlds Fastest Goal

Vuk Bakic of GSP Polet scored a goal any player would be proud of in their match against Dorcol. Bakic hit a first time shot from the kick off which sailed over the keeper and bounced in the goal !.Although it was an incredible strike there was a case to answer for the goal not being allowed to stand as the rules state that all players must be in their own half on any kick off and with the Bakic goal there was a player encroaching the Dorcol half which technically means there is a case to state it shouldn’t have been allowed but it is a fantastic strike ! There have also been talk of players not being able to score from kick off which is actually untrue as FIFA Law 8 describes “a goal may be scored directly from kick-off”. The referee can be forgiven for being unsure as this was an unusual occurrence in which GSP Polet went on to win 4-1 and Bakic went on to take his place in football Folklore.


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