Gerardo Bedoya gets his 41st Red Card !

Gerardo Bedoya is certainly not shy in the tackle or a player that holds any moral compass on the field of play.Gerardo has just received what is reported as his 41st red card of his career in the derby Bogota game between Millonarios and Independiente Santa Fe.The game was a fiery affair which saw the referee hand out two red cards for each team in which none were more brutal than the overly aggressive loose cannon Bedoya Red Card. Bedoya elbowed Yhonny Ramirez and while he was down , just to make sure he sabotaged his own season and career he stamps on Yhonny Ramirez forehead before being wrestled off the field and the pure arrogance of this man shone through as he pleaded his case to the referee !!

After reviewing the case the Dimayor’s disciplinary committee handed him a 15 match ban which means that the only way he can play again this season is if the club reach the championship final, he was also fined 1,227,850 Colombian pesos equivalent to $5,000

As I watched the video I noticed that the stamp looked weak and more of a flick out which couldn’t have caused much damage !, but then I saw the picture below of the damage done to the victim ! … looks painful and sore !


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